First music in your ears 2020

Same. Haven’t made a will for starters.

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The pub played some pop version of Auld Lang Syne. I did not sing.

Just turned on the radio for the first time of the year. This was playing:


Robot by The Futureheads, because R requested his robot playlist before I had listened to anything else.


Oh shit I forgot I was watching this last night. Might have to update my response.

He rickrolled us all didn’t he.

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Alex G’s House of Sugar, suitably melancholic and sweetsad

Can’t believe we got rickrolled by the telly


Last night - had countdown to ecstacy on

This morning , Steve McQueen

Radio was on briefly while I made coffee but I can’t remember what was playing

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Jimbo asked Alexa for Jungle Boogie this morning (makes a change from him asking for Staying Alive) so probably that

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At my mates this morning

  • Something on BBC Music but can’t remember what it was
  • Bluetoothed from app to music system

From my phone;

Not counting Joolz or the Glastonbury highlights we watched last night


Which Glasto performances did you watch?

Was a 2hr BBC thing they put on after Joolz. Just a track from some artists.

Reckon there are quite a lot of FACTUALLY INACCURATE replies itt


Ministry - Scarecrow
Ipod Touch to bluetooth speaker
Successfully sent a screaming baby to sleep

Hotel Neon - Vanishing Forms

Appropriately enough I stuck on Richard Dawson’s - 2020 this morning to help nurse my hangover whilst taking down the Xmas decorations so the opening track on that was the first thing I heard this year.

Was also listening to some self esteem before I went to bed.

Then put my earbuds in when I went to bed. Looking at the playlist it looks like I queued up:

Elliott Smith XO
The XX debut album
Loyle Carner debut album
Richmond Fontaine most recent album
Youth Lagoon debut album
Patrick Watson Wooden Arms
A winged victory for the sullen debut album

Think I fell asleep at Baby Britain.

This is a strictly factual replies only thread imo.


I had to go to work at 8am. Woke up to Portishead - Dummy as an alarm on the Google Speaker thing at 6:30am.

Someone else’s speakers - Auld Lang Syne from YouTube

My earphones - Take Me by Aly & AJ. I’m at peace with this.