First song you learned to play on the guitar (or piano or whatever, I don't care)

Does that even have a guitar part? Thought it was just a bunch of instruments falling over.

Ah balls I’m thinking of Just The One

I don’t really know. I don’t remember ‘starting’ playing guitar, it was always just there to some extent. I remember the riff to Come As You Are being an early thing I played. First whole song was probably a Beatles one.

Maybe he’s born with it’s Maybellsmeene

Not sure i know that one. One way was a sort of folky strummy protest song. Good to learn chords with cause it cycles through quite a lot of them.

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Brother taught me Enter Sandman. But when I actually had lessons it was Wonderwall. Now this memory lies adjacent to great emotional turmoil for me - I was forced to play it in assembly and it all went wrong and my guitar went out of tune and I was too shit to know how to do anything except sit there in humiliated silence. What made it even worse was the person next to me playing it perfectly and fucking singing too. Totally drove the knife in. Anyway, thanks!

Social board wanker thread innit

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Someday by Justin Casablancas and the Strokes

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Velvet Morning by The Verve. Absolutely no idea why.

Hotel Yorba by the White Stripes.

when i come around - green day

Penny royal tea

Still to this day one of the very very small handful of songs I can play all the way through on the guitar.

House of the Rising Sun as my dad taught me to play (it was on his old guitar from when he was a teenager).

When I was teaching myself songs from my own records it was Wide Open Space by Mansun (still one of the few songs I can play all the way through 20 years on)

Came back to this thread to marvel at this. I must find my own copy.

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Wild Thing, obvs.

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Think ‘So Young’ by Suede was the first one i strummed through, ‘shaker maker’ by oasis first one i played properly.

Hotel Yorba. 3 chords, easy to strum and sing along.

I worked out how to play the piano using the guitar tab to suede’s the next life

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First song I picked instead of strummed, Everybody Hurts. Tedious but good arpeggio practice. First song I enjoyed playing properly was probably Day Tripper. Great riff