First song you learnt to play on your instrument of choice?

Probably been done before but it’s Monday so who cares.

And do you think you can still play it?

Mine was 12:51 by The Strokes, can probably do the main bits but not sure about the rest.

Stiltskin - Inside obviously


Rachmaninoff: Prelude, Op 23, No 4.

On a recorder.

Smells Like Teen Spirit, probably. Either that or Enter Sandman.


Trumpet: some dirge that only required C, D and E

Guitar: probably Wonderwall tbh

Guitar: About a Girl - Nirvana (verses only) - yes

Bass - Waiting Room - Fugazi - still my go-to song for warming up, testing new instruments etc

Major Minor: London Bridge Is Falling Down. I can also play this on a proper piano, too. I’ve never really progressed beyond this level on any instrument.

Another vote for Smells like a Teenager’s Bedroom
Smoke on the water was around then too, also remember doing Can’t Stop by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers in yr9 music so that must’ve been very early as well.

Creep - drums. Had mastered it before seeing a drum kit


On bass it was ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, like many others. I learned ‘Seasons In The Abyss’ soon after that, totally by rote. Was almost impossible but when I hear it now it seems so much more simple. Can probably still play all of it.

On guitar it was ‘Cortez The Killer’. Picked a guitar up after hearing the solo in Pavement’s ‘Cut Your Hair’ and saying “I could fucking do that!” Can definitely play those!

I loved reading about Kelley Deal’s first songs that she learned on guitar as they were all Breeders songs! She insisted on playing lead guitar when she joined the band and had never learned guitar before!

Frere jaques on the recorder :joy: And no.

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Piano; Some stupid formal lesson thing made up of middle C and nothing else.
Guitar: Beetlebum (I think)

I was actually asked this yesterday and ably demonstrated my skill in moving my left hand up and down a fretboard in a major barre chord shape

Pixies - Wave of Mutilation

Probably Come as you are on the guitar - just the picking section because I hadn’t learnt any chords yet

time for heroes by the libertines :sweat_smile: (guitar)
here comes your man on the bass

another vote for davidoff come as you are

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In the ultimate show of teenage angst, it was either Israel’s Son or Pure Massacre by Silverchair. On the bass. Definitely couldn’t play them from memory.

I’ve only ever been able to play the clarinet. First song I remember playing was Frere Jacques

Miss my clarinet a bit, actually

When i was in year seven, a kid from year 10, who happens to now work for the same company as me, was in the music department and he show me how to play Polly by Nirvana. not sure he remembers it now, but i did bump into him one night in town prior to him working here and told him. He seemed right chuffed.

I got bought a “songs for busking” book at the same time as getting my first guitar. And I’m pretty sure the first song I could play out of that book was I Can See Clearly Now by Jimmy Cliff :joy: