First Sunday of June

Good morning everyone :sun_with_face:

Haven’t gone to sleep yet, been watching the sky gradually get lighter and haven’t felt like sleeping for some reason. I feel I will live to regret this.

How are you all doing? What you up to today? Hope you’ve got a lovely Sunday ahead :heart:


The weekly hair washing always comes with the difficult decision: Do I want to stand around blow-drying my hair while the sciatica runs loose or do I sit about for hours, yawning, waiting for it to dry a bit more on its own so I can finally go lie down.
I’m posting this at 10:19pm and my shower was a couple of hours ago. I’m very sleepy and my hair is wet. Why is life like this?

Got up at 6:30 because I am s t r e s s e d about a load of work I have to do and I know I’m more productive early doors

I’m really hungover and am going to spend the day watching Alan Partridge and Adam Curtis while talking to the cat

Just read ‘Reviews of Best Electric Potato peelers 2021’ so having a pretty good day so far.


Made it to the uk! Kiddo was a dream on the flight. Gonna meet my dad today for the first time since pre-panny d. Not bad.


Up, not happy about it. Hoping I can go a day without experiencing some illness of some kind. Making a cuppa and having a cuddle with the youngest. The rest are asleep

Day three of a week off work. Still got flu. Probably just going to pig out all day and watch cricket and football again.

Road is actually having a jubilee party with all the neighbours and I can’t get out of it. I’ve tried. Pray for rain at 3pm!!! Pray_4_safari


Discovered at 3am that the guttering outside our bedroom window is blocked. Even better that it’s directly above the bay window. Love to be woken at stupid o clock by the sound of pissing water clattering onto a flat roof.

Morning all!

Today is The Child’s second birthday of the weekend. We’ve got a party at a petting zoo. Wor Lass has made cake pops.


Got a 5 hr drive back to the North, which i can only undertake once I’ve got out of bed. So am putting that off by staying in bed for as long as is physically possible.

It’s absolutely pissing it down.

Completely stereotypical English Bank Holiday Sunday.

Baffled why parties are today when it’s all back to work tomorrow :person_shrugging:

I am doing very little. Got season finale of stranger than things later to look forward to.

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I think they’ve arranged for plagues of locusts and frogs later in the week to celebrate the jubilee properly.


Might have a shower

Off to a 10:40am screening of the Bob’s Burgers Movie. Remember when cinemas were shut for months and you couldn’t do stuff like that?? Proper terrible times.


Quick tip trip. Living the dream.

Jesus I’m hungover.

Went for Thai food with my Belgian guests last night and he asked for it properly Thai spicy, they came over and asked 3 times and asked if he was sure and he said yeah. He absolutely loved it and halfway through the meal he proclaimed that it was the best Thai food he’s ever eaten outside of Thailand and decided he needs to tell the chef. He just gets up and walks into the kitchen and starts hugging the chef who doesn’t have a clue what’s going on and the staff all went running back to the kitchen because they thought something bad was happening. His wife just turns to me and goes “ha, he does stuff like this all the time”