First Sunday of June

Having been in a foul mood all of yesterday daytime about cancellations, my big 30th went very well (apart from the music not being very loud), much alcohol was consumed, shapes were thrown, my outfit was spectacular, people seemed to have a great time!

I also fell out the taxi and banged up my knee and elbow but it’s fine, all plastered up now.

Some superb Thursdaying as well after the party and this morning, so feeling very pleased with myself even if my minge is knackered.

Today I will be sleeping and doing fuck all :sparkling_heart:

Oh yeah and I’m in the Metro online lol


Have to do some admin and packing for a work trip tomorrow
Severely CBA.

Going to Hoppers for dinner though

Hey everyone

Just had a superb egg and cheese bagel for brekkie. Got coffee and listening to slave to the rhythm. Want to do some synth fiddling but should probably give the kitchen a bit of a clean 1st cos it’s minging

Was quite disturbed by my morning toilet but then I remembered I had quite a lot of something invoking squid ink at the tapas place last night

Fucking gutted that the holiday period is over


Watching A Grand Day Out because it’s the perfect Sunday, post-party downer viewing. So bloody good.

As it’s bank holiday I changed a broken plug socket :screwdriver: :man_construction_worker:t2::nut_and_bolt::hammer_and_wrench::toolbox: :electric_plug:


Hello! Present me is not best pleased with past me. Pretty tired now. Haha. Willing the bf to bring me delicious brunch but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

Hope lots of my friends show me their food today :pleading_face:


Was supposed to be going to the park today but it was pissing it down half the night so I hope there’s a new and less muddy plan

Is it too late for me to have a machine coffee?

  • Yes
  • No

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No but you’re cutting it fine

That’s me on the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Flat White


@meowington I think you posted a little while ago about a bag you bought for your honeymoon and I remember thinking it would be good for Primavera but I can’t remember what it was called. Can you remind me please? It was a cross-body bumbag type thing.

There isn’t a new and less muddy plan, we are actually going to the park ffs

I’ve only got a tiny, not very warm jacket or a massive knee length waterproof winter coat so I’m going to end up taking 2 coats, aren’t I

It’s by Baggu! They’re American so not sure if they do shopping but some online places stock them!

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Stoned and cleaning the kitchen - gone full 80s on the records. Just had Cupid and Psyche 85 (if you’ve never listened to this record you really really should, it’s absolutely 5* A1) now onto Hysteria, inspired after there was some chat about it on here the other day


I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but these kinds of videos have been doing the rounds for at least a year

I get tomorrow off because we get the bank holiday days owed back to us as it was in half term hehehe

So I’m finishing off my reports :sob: (they take so longggg) but as soon as I’m done I can get ready to go out for a night on the town and a nice italian with my best mate and maybe her baby


Thank you!