First Sunday of September

I’ve had a nice night with the ex who needed somewhere to stay. Got two dominoes pizzas and went fucking mad (asleep by 11 for once). Feels weird to not be hungover but there we go.

Looks nice out today but feels a bit chilly on the old willy, so it goes.

I always have a sense of anxiety around the beginning of September, it feels more like the start of a new year than January - probably because of the new academic year routines being drilled into me. Feel like I need to change something, but don’t know what.

Feel free to talk about breakfast here.

Four slices of (white) toast, 2 with blackcurrant jam, 2 with peanut butter.

It’s raining in Winchester. The TV has gone out on her bike with her lady cycling buddies, so I’m catching up on cycling highlights from yesterday. Meant to be having some friends over for lunch, but haven’t heard from them yet, so not sure if that’s happening or not. Might pick up the bedroom instead.

The Child was up early and ruined my entire night of sleep. I decided to play Sonic Mania at half eleven last night. Eventually went to bed around 1.45.

Toast and coffee for breakfast. Probably doing life admin and grocery shopping today, definitely need to prepare some work for my Nat 4 class tomorrow.

Wor Lass’s friend gave us some rosemary she’d grown so might do some kind of roasted lamb thing later.

Sonic Mania looks bloody amazing fair play. No idea how Sega didn’t just know to carry on the winning formula twenty years ago and just made travesty after travesty until they basically ate themselves but this looks genuinely like the Sonic game I wanted to play as a teenager.

Going to pick up a new :biking_man: later, hopefully it will fit in my car. Then going to watch a hockey match, then will procrastinate some more instead of getting my house ready to put on the market.

Been catching up on highlights and Orica Scott Backstage Pass. Think I’m in love with Esteban Chaves.

Scotch panckaes w/ peanut butter and banana for brekkie. As always served with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Supposed to be doing a 30km run but I properly don’t fancy it. I’m never signing up for a marathon again. I like running, but I don’t like knowing I have to go for a run.

Concur with it feeling a bit chilly btw, not happy about this. I’ve even got the lounging long johns on.

I’m in my pants feeling the BURN

I genuinely bought it because the bigger boys in the Gaming thread kept talking about it. The whole thing is quite a nice return to my gaming past. e

Nostalgia eh? Don’t do it like they used to.

I’m eating a Steak Pie. Best breakfast idea in a while.

You can take the boy outta the pub!

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That’s a great idea, might have to pop in for a sunday roast for lunch!


Have you spoken to the job centre about travel expenses? I remember them paying for petrol for me to attend an interview in Livingston the last time I was signing on. *

*I know you’re working abroad but there might be a way. **

**I’m an optimist

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Two slices of toast with peanut butter and jam.

A yogurt.


Got a bloke in who’s fitting our laminate floor. It’s noisy. Sure our neighbours love this on a Sunday.

I’m absolutely shattered from yesterday’s bike ride. Gonna go to Aldi in a bit and get some supplies for a lazy day.

i posted this in the Saturday thread but at about 12 at night so it’s going in here as well!


spent all of yesterday making really rough sketches of tracks for my new band - all live and one take improvising type stuff, so needs a LOT of polishing!
When I actually team up with the other bloke I reckon it might end up being alright!

have to apply for some jobs today that I’ve been putting off, one down so far!

Alright Ruff-dog et al? Had a lot of wanky Beavertown beers yesterday including a black pepper and rosemary saison (@profk). Feel awful today, got a face like a dropped pie.

Just found 4 Beavertown glasses in my kitchen. ASCII shrug I guess.


I think my optimism is based more on my experience of being able to talk my advisor into paying for a tank of petrol.

Admittedly, those were the days when you weren’t relentlessly tracked online.

Going to the pub to play Netrunner in a bit. I’ve volunteered to be a punching bag for Nationals testing even though I can’t go myself because of stupid work commitments. I’m basically a saint.

Not going to click that but going to presume you put lacrosse


Hi all.

I’m still basking in the glory from winning the autumn cup at my golf club yesterday. Played the best golf of my life and SMASHED my handicap.

Been running this morning. Cleaned out the goat shelter and poo picked the alpaca field. About to hang out the washing then go and do the weekly shop.



How big are typical Alpaca plops? :goat: :poop: