First Sunday of September

sounds amazing! seeing colin stetson tonight in brighton - which i imagine will be a similar experience

Worked the door when he played London a few months back without knowing much of him and was really pleasantly surprised, he was pretty fucking awesome.

I had nightmares last night about school and social rejection :cry: didn’t think I was still bothered by September n that.

In significantly better news, today I’m going to pick up an all time dog (literally a dog) so he can have a little holiday in Manchester while his owners are on holiday this week :heart_eyes: :dog2:

Look at this great guy and his massive head

(The dog’s not bad either!!! Hahahahaha)


She’s genuinely asleep like that


I’m craving spinach. I wonder what that means? I’m going to get some spinach.

Never heard it etc.

:muscle: Agg ug ug ug ug ug ug

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went to a party yesterday where the last hour or more that I was there was just people quoting random bits from the simpsons. it was a total nightmare

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First game of the season this morning! Lost 2-1 to a last min goal absolutely #gutting as we were the better side for the most part. Still, #wegoagain

First day back at school tomorrow! Getting my life together #shopping #laundry


I once went to a twin peaks party as mid-breakdown confederacy Ben Horn, was a lot of fun.
I think the eye patch and jersey would be enough tbh but the hair would top it off for sure.

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listening to Mark Kozelek sing christmassy songs, drinking a beer and eating cheese and crackers.

sometimes I love my life.

Oh yeah! That’d definitely work in that case.

Not gonna lie guys I think I’m off to a spoons later because I’m too poor to have ethics

do you want me to paypal you some money so you can go to a better pub?

I kinda do, but also someone else suggested it and paypalling two people to go to a different pub would seem a bit strange. Your day sounds very cosy so far though, keep it up Bammers.

I’m pretty poor at the moment but I could spare £10 to make you have a nice day

Aw you’re a gent but nah you keep it dude