First Thirst Day Thread

I work in a four storey office, largely made of glass. It doesn’t have air-con, so we are reliant on open windows for some sort of ventilation during the day. It is supposed to maintain a temperature of around 21 degrees within the place by working ‘smartly’ and opening / closing windows accordingly.

Of course, it doesn’t work.

I was in at 7 this morning and the place was already mildly roasting. So, I opened as many windows as I could to get some air circulating.

Now others are beginning to filter in and the first thing they do? Close the fucking things. Honestly, it drives me absolutely mental.


2pm finish today, can’t fucking wait. Got the right hump this morning, not just because of office ventilation.

How are you guys?



Back from holiday late last night and I’m already awake now :pensive: but I tactically booked today off :blush:

Got bloody loads of life admin to do though and I can’t be arsed. First: breakfast. Tea or coffee?

People who close windows on a hot day can fuck right off


Coffee, always coffee.

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I’ve got a drouth

There’s a logic to why we do this in our office: when I get in, I open the windows and let all the cooler air in, and they stay open til the sun comes round (around midday) and starts turning our office into a greenhouse. At which point, the windows close and the blinds go down.

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Anyway, good morning all! I’m off today and tomorrow and I think we’re going to head to the beach today. Wells-next-the-Sea to be precise.


Morning all!
Big day of deliveries for me. New television, new hoover, new bed linen. Gonna be hard to not immediately whack on a video game when the new TV arrives.

kill me

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Morning all, it’s cooled down to a reasonable temperature here. Doing normal hours too from today which is nice. Think my Airbnb host is gonna make me a curry tonight :grin:

Was far too warm and humid to sleep last night. Had the windows wide open, but there was just no breeze coming in.

Today is my Saturday - gonna lie here in bed for a bit, gonna get up and have a scrambled egg bagel in a while. Watch some telly, play some Xbox and then going out with ‘the lads’ tonight (for cocktails, obviously).

Have a good day folks!

I can get on board with this, makes total sense.

Issue being, here, that we don’t have any blinds :frowning:

Feel sorry for my therapist today - she’s going to have to try to keep a straight face while I tell her that I’m feeling anxious about going to a fucking Netrunner tournament.

No work till Tuesday for me. Picking up a penoid pal at lunchtime and driving to Biiiiiiirmingham for the UK Game Sexpo feat.: a multi-day Netrunner tournament and some of the worst personal hygiene ever witnessed by man or beast. Really wish it wasn’t a hot one.


Good luck card playing penoid

Cheers, big ears.

Feeling pretty positive today. Gonna get me a massive crack cocaine like coffee (what is in that blend?!), dump…I mean handover a load of work to a colleague and blitz the rest of the day on other stuff. COME.ON

Morning all. Got today off. Think I’m gonna take myself out for breakfast but can’t decide where.

Classic morning routine, this

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Was going to do a poll for you lot to choose which mat I should take, but you’d all just vote for this one, wouldn’t you


Hello :wave:

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