First thread you ever read?

What was the first thread you ever read?

Was bored at work so i_o suggested I try dis. Went on and first thread was this

I thought ‘this lot seem alright’ but that was before i found about the 400 reply politics threads or the daily threads.

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I think it was the “caught my dad with my GF one”.

I think it was an ‘albums of the month’ thread I saw linked on facebook somewhere, then I got sucked down the rabbit hole

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Think I saw The Damned play there years ago.


Didn’t recognise that as one of my children.

(and probably some boring as fuck music thread)


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No idea. Related to that thread though, what coin do you think maintains its condition the best?

I’ve got a couple of '92 10p coins that look no older than ones from a couple of years ago. £1 coins (not the new ones) and 20p coins deteriorate fast.

A football thread of some kind.

imagine reading a thread that was just (mainly) balonz and meths talking about coins and STILL coming back for more.


post a link - only reason i posted this was hoping for some links to funny threads

I live and breath that stuff


Oh what, Social - Drowned in Sound | Community isn’t good enough for you, pal?

Fucking hell, cheek of this cunt.

Very glad that I posted in that thread.

I read the reviews first. then eventually looked at the music board. now look at me. debased, disgusting.

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probably a music thread, no idea which one. I couldn’t figure out how to follow the artist tagging system and thought it must be really complicated.

^Sweet Jane Andrews Lane Theatre October 17th @10:30pm

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first one I really remember enjoying was bizarrely a eurovision final thread. had been working abroad feeling a bit lonely and ended up watching eurovision and posting on DiS along with everyone and it made me laugh and cheered me up.



Might have been the ‘speaking to a girl at the bus-stop’ one which was quite endearingly nerdy but soon became tedious. Which is DiS in a nutshell really, innit?

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it wasn’t this, I can’t remember what it was but it was likely to be on the music boards. Didn’t frequent the social board very often back in the day.

But… Lisa needs braces

I think I actually remember. I was having an email conversation with meths about footballers/dictators puns and then he sent me a link to a thread he started on dis about it.
oh here it is

strange looking back at my early tiptoeing into the site. If only I’d known. Basically cookie clicker moment writ large.