First thread you ever read?

Has anyone got a link to that one where Crispin Alexander was at Hammersmith Station with no money for a bus

Dunno, something in the then music board, probably about Larrikin Love or somet band like that

I think I was in a hotel in Torquay a few years ago when I first came across a DiS thread (by total chance, I had never heard of the site before). It was Summer 2013. I was surfing the internet, and I remember having to use my laptop in the WiFi area downstairs because the hotel rooms didn’t have WiFi. I think thread I came across was titled ‘why does everyone hate Bono?’ or something. Had some proper funny responses, I can’t remember anything specific, but I do remember there being a high volume of the word cunt and laughing myself to death, so much that I just had to become a member.

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There’s an animal-based team in that thread - @harru has gone for Didier Dogba a whole 6 years before [one of] the ‘Clarkson being a racist’ controversies

Any time sifters!

Wot u on about? Still pretending to be him?

top of the morning to you sifters, I was just excepting your thanks for introducing you to world of Dis when you were still a greenhorn of the internet.

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I think it was Ricky Otto

I concur

John Moncur


Thanks! Its been a slow afternoon - this should sail me through till 4

Waiting until I’m home to read this. Fucking hilarious thread.

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