First Tuesday of February

Good morning! January is finally over :weary:


Hooray! Love Feb, good swift month with a half term break.

Work isn’t it


Feb is also my birth month…so there’s there’s always the birthday to look forward to as well :slight_smile:

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Got woken up by Chinese New Year fireworks last night. Tired now.
Ooooh 4 weeks till payday might not spend anything this month and buy myself something decadent ok the 28th

Going to have my last food until tomorrow afternoon in a few minutes. Feel like I ought to be looking forward to this toast and cheese a bit more than I am.

Can’t believe I still have 2½wks until my week off work/wife’s half term. This half term is too far into Feb. Anyway, off today. So will be dropping everyone off then do a long walk, go shopping, pick everyone up, cook dinner.

This year is going very quickly with my wedding coming up.

Done my workout at the gym :muscle:t2:
Now home to WFH on my own today :scream:


Spare a thought for those of us without your bourgeois holiday privileges namely me, because I have nine weeks until my next proper break and a Prelim exam and coursework deadline to navigate before that point.

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My throat is so sore it hurts to swallow and feels like I’ve got razorblades in my esophagus. Coughing too but lft is miraculously negative so it’s off to work I go. Got lots of kids off absent with it and parents with it but we’re so low on staff, anyone being off just makes it a nightmare.


Its all a bit windy out there again, so the bike is staying in the garage. Going to take my furry four-legged friend for a nice big walk instead.

Not a lot else on the agenda.

Slept horribly. Got a day of boring end-of-month stuff to do but that’s ok. Would quite like to go back to bed.

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Somebody needs to look at their calendar


Can’t do sales reports for the month if the month hasn’t finished yet can I Professor Dates.


Some shitebag has jumped on my car roof and caved it in overnight. What should be my order of action

  1. Photos
  2. Police? Won’t care
  3. Insurance? Worth it?
  4. Kick it the other way myself from inside?

Incident number from police and insurance.
Roofs are important to the structural integrity of the car so it needs looking at asap


That sounds like a you problem tbh

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Morning ratbags

Had a dream about the best raven of all time and star of dis Tuna who kept just playing quotes from Spaced at me whenever I tried to mention the raven.

Tried to spoiler dream chat but my phone isn’t allowing it sorry :woman_shrugging:

Very late for work. CBA


This. Was gonna get.stuff.done. before first meeting but I haven’t and will not

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Unusually for me I didn’t sleep well last night, so I’m feeling tired and grumpy. I’m in meetings most of the day, so can’t even have a quick nap to recover, annoyingly.

You’re still MY favourite raven @the_ravens :cry: