first tuesday of january thread

morning, team. up and logged on early so i can bank some time for other stuff this week. weirdly not dreading work at all. i love the routine, i think.

need some breakfast. what’s your breakfast today please, and what do you have planned?


Good morning

I had 2 x toasts for breakfast and just finishing off a cup of tea.

Got a slot at the tip later on and a car load of various shit to throw into large skips.

The downside of that is that I have to be awake now to drop my wife at work in about half hour. Weather forecast is foul but hopefully there’s chance to exercise the furry animal.

Reckon I’ve had about an hour’s sleep total ffs

Always prefer having an inset rather than straight back in after a holiday, but my word could have done with it today!


Yeah same, absolutely rotten night’s sleep

Praying for us all to get through it :people_hugging:


Another for awful night sleep camp, already had my first anxiety dream about moving house which I don’t have to do for another 6 weeks so that’s good :upside_down_face:

Back to work blues not so bad when its wfh and it should be a quiet day. Going to the theatre this evening.

Terrible sleep. Work should be bad as I have to do something long and thinky this morning.

Porridge for brek.

Major don’t want to vibes. Inset day which in a way is even worse as it’s going to be so booooooring.

Had granola, raspberries and yogurt for breakfast.

Respected the poll.


Good morning
Did not sleep well either
Porridge for breakfast
I have some contractors coming today to replace a gate and fence, not sure why I organised it for today. Will log on soon and get back into the swing of it.

Was it this dark at 7:30 before Christmas?


It does seem really very dark, doesn’t it?


Walk son to nursery
Walk buggy home
Walk to work
Pizza for tea

Alright? Just had some toast & marmite, soon I will be heading off to the beer factory. Got quite a busy day ahead I think which is fine tbh.


Absolutely fuck this


It gets darker in the mornings for a little while even though the overall daylight hours increase from 21st December. I should really get the old Daylight Updates going :sunny:


I saved the 2 Many DJs new essential mix for this morning as knew I’d need it


Freezing cold, raining, workshop smells even though I cleaned before we closed. Forklift’s clutch is seized, colleague has put local radio on.

Also, overalls seem to have shrunk slightly around the midriff region; very strange…



Welp, time for work

I woke up at 7 and went for an hour walk before work. I’m not sure if I’ll stick to it but I need to get out the rut of just waking up and turning my computer on in my bedroom to work.

I need to get some kind of routine.

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Today is my Saturday (so thankful) but need to get adjusted with waking up to a stupid early alarm because otherwise I get insomnia and worry I won’t wake up/ get enough sleep. Worst thing ever.
Good luck teachers, out there, today.