First We March, Now We Huddle

Been invited to a private Facebook group for one of these - anyone else involved or thinking of getting involved?

People keep inviting me to those hackathons ahahahahahahahahaha

I don’t think the street you happen to live on is a good choice for a protest space tbqh, doesn’t disrupt the right people.
Also peaceful protest only works alongside a strain of direct action so sorta cynical but a nice idea.

I don’t think the idea is to team up with neighbours and physically stage a protest in your street - it’s more about organising, sharing ideas, coming up with plans for more action and so on.

I had to go to a 24-hour hackathon my old company hosted and it was all sorts of bullshit.

So this is basically going to the pub, right?

Oh, that’s even less enthusing really.

Hope so.

I think that they think that I’d be happy to use a day off going to one of those things lol. I suppose that I could spend the day on dis.

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Not really into huddling.

Bit, ya know, pathetic.