First World Problems

What you got?

Spent fucking ages yesterday filling cracks in the walls of our bedroom. It’s so fucking dull and I cannot be arsed. Still have 2 walls to do as well.

I left my new hammock out in the rain



just work mostly and a few other things, I try to argue with myself that it’s not all that bad but I must be terrible at arguing.

I have a jetlag-induced cold.

Might be getting made redundant.

First world problem because other people at work have kids and mortgages and stuff and I’ve got a big savings account with lots of money in it and a room in my parents’ house

Got a weird man in his 90s giving me love notes and money to buy myself flowers or chocolates.

I’m not THAT old.

Probably Theo.


Heh. It is very awkward though. Going to have to do an thanks but please don’t thing at the weekend.

my favourite jeans weren’t dry in time for work this morning so i had to use the hairdryer on them and they’re still a bit damp

Alright Richard Harris
(1,000pts if you get this reference)

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Still worrying though. Hope it works out OK

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Macarthur Park - point me up.

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Took the morning off work for post-birthday a lie-in and they’re testing the fire alarms in my building (there are about 30 individual file alarms in my building and they seem to be testing each one 5 or 6 times)

I’m staring wistfully out of the window at my sea view wondering ‘why does everything bad always happen to me’


Forgot you were nearly as old as me

It’s probably because you lied when you were seventeen.

Person surfing my couch atm bought pizza and only gave me one (1) slice

Outrageous behaviour