A thread for firsts (experiences, not degree willy measuring)…

Just cleaned the windows on the upstairs front of the house for the first time since we had them installed (6 years in December) while listening to a St Vincent album for the first time.

St Vincent is pretty good isn’t she? Always suspected that I would like her if I spent a bit of time to get involved. Saw her at All Points East back in May in the mid-afternoon sun and she was great live. Both the kids absolutely loved it too. Enjoy her guitar play particularly. Listening to the self titled one - is that considered one of her good ones? As an aside, the thinly veiled absolutely hates her for some (ie no) reason…

As for the windows, feels good man - I swear that the room is now at least twice as bright. My advice m9s, don’t leave it 6 years to clean your windows :scream::scream::scream_cat:

Anyone else done any good firsts recently?

First reply to this thread



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first use of blurring in this thread

Got my first full full time wage the other day

but cba to spend my money on anything


I think they’re all pretty well-liked; and I think St. Vincent is certainly a good summary of her music stylistically (it’s got a lot of the character from the earlier stuff, and hints at some of what would be more at the forefront in Masseduction). My personal favourite is Actor, and I’ve got a real soft spot for Marry Me, which is probably the most chamber-proggy-sounding of all her albums (has a really nice summery / sunny day feel to it)

Somehow ended up going to a foam party last night, which I’ve never done before. Quite fun in fairness, but I have ended up ruining a nearly new pair of Vans, which is less good.

Good intell :+1:

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I let the air out of my radiators this morning - which I had never done before ever. I watched a YouTube video on the subject first. It was quite satisfying.

I find new things scary

Got engaged a few weeks ago. My first one


Congrats mbbb!!!

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Thank you maaaate!

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Got my first real 6 string


Walked through Wapping this afternoon for the first time. Lots of amazing old warehouses and cool views of the river, but not much else, eh?

Got a selection of good pubs (Town Of Ramsgate, Captain Kidd, Prospect Of Whitby) plus it had this gaff until the land got too valuable to use as an arts space :rage: