Fish and Chips: A Rolling Critique Thread

So we agreed to give this serious topic it’s own thread starting the next time someone had fish and chips. Well it’s been almost a month now but we eventually have our thread. Post your photos for critiquing every time you have fnc from now on.

Categories for critique include but are not limited to:

  • ratios
  • quality of peas
  • quality of batter
  • choice and quantity of accompanying condiments
  • overall presentation
  • an overall score out of 10

I’m looking forward to judging your contributions




I like this thread, it might be just enough to get me to finally check out my new local chippy, which I’ve shockingly neglected since moving here!

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Review on Friday folks! STAND BY

First entry - not a restaurant, canteen or chippy creation, but cooked by my mother’s own hand.


The fish and chips at Saltburn are so good, but can’t get them when it’s just me as the dog makes it near impossible. Probably just as well tbh or I’d end up having them most weekends. Someone come visit so I can get fish and chips plz?

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I’m muting this thread, I miss fish and chips so much and it will only make me sad. GOODBYE :sleepy:


Friday is official fnc critique day fyi


I cant give a full review but it looks the part

fish and chips for ants


Everyone DM Juke when a new review is up

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Mustard obviously :+1:

To be fair I was feeling pretty full from lunch still so I asked for a small portion

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I like the choice of peas. mushies are overrated.


I can’t do photos, but the last time I went to my local chippie a couple of weeks back the guy behind the counter was so determined to give me relentless banter that he forgot to ask me for any money for my battered sausage and chips.

Nottingham has Cod and Scallops wish is an amazing fish and chip shop. Normally just have lemon and tartare sauce - no peas or owt.
I’ll do a review this weekend

Battered fish doesn’t taste of anything.

I still eat it, because i like the texture, but no matter what you spend it doesn’t have any sort of discernible flavour.

As such, like any sane person i’d always opt for pudding, chips, peas and gravy instead.

I’ll see you in the pudding, chips, peas and gravy thread.


I’ve got a 7.5/10 on first glance but will critique properly when I’m at home

I always get battered sausage with moooshy peas and lots of ketchup (with chips ) occasionally I’ll throw in some Scampi if I’m feeling brave

Oddly I tend to prefer frozen battered cod solutions to most chippies offerings which often comes out soggy and bland

Salt & Vinegar?

  • Yes Please
  • No Thanks
  • Just Salt Please
  • Just Vinegar Please
  • Yes, but Onion Vinegar please

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