Fish and Chips: A Rolling Critique Thread


Chips need a bit more cooking. Fish and peas look good though.

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Very solid peas, but these don’t look like my favoured homefry oven chip - look a little under coloured and crispy. Would usually go 2 fillets of that size and a few more chips personally, but the ratio is okay. 6/10

I ask for no salt as I like to salt my own as they always go too far.

Chips felt a bit undercooked tbh. The adults had 1.5 fillets but I’d asked for a smaller portion so can’t hold that against it.


It’s certainly not the disaster I was expecting from your earlier post!

okay, entrant 1:

This isn’t a chippy fish supper, and ratings for a home cooked version should exist on their own terms. Hope we’re agreed on this.


Distinct lack of chips is obviously the first thing I’m drawn to. Would need about 1/4 more for this plate to be considered god-tier for a home effort. Few too many peas too, really. Fish is rather small, but, as I said, for a shove-in-the-oven jobbie, its acceptable

quality of peas

Peas look quality. Clearly not out the can, and I’m sure they went down well.

quality of batter

For what I assume is a frozen fillet, this looks very nice. Unsure as to what brand, but i’ll go for harry Ramsen’s given the finish of the batter. If the fish has been battered and fried at home, I apologise, but the uniformity and colour is tell-tale oven.

choice and quantity of accompanying condiments

More deductions here. No lemon, no salt, and no tartare (for those who like it. not for me but whatever). Not even a slice of bread for those of a northern disposition. More deductions.

overall presentation

Really quite good tbh. Nice plate, No hidden chips, and few hidden peas. Elements of the meal are positioned very well, with little overlap. Extra points for the prominent fish at the bottom of the plate.

an overall score out of 10

7.9. I’m standing by that. Aside from the criticisms levelled above, the chips look a little underdone. Would really like to see some crispy ends, and crispy bits in there.

Otherwise, on balance, a solid effort.


you know what, I missed the ketchup and what looks like vinegar in the top right.


edit: ketchup is low sugar version.

Let me address some of your comments, but first, thank-you for a fair review and score.

As I have already addressed upthread, I specifically asked for a smaller portions, so there would have normally been 50% more fish and 75% more chips.

There was ketchup, but I had to quickly take a photo before I could put it on the plate. There was mini pickled onions on offer too. The lack of tartar sauce was a big disappointment.

Bread? I don’t think so. I’m not northern.

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up to 7.9, apologies.

the rest makes no difference. I don’t make the rules.

There was another smaller bottle of normal Heinz on the table that I used. Top marks for the eagle eyes though.

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Obviously cant be mean to ol’ ma leafy even for bants

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was the brand of fish correct?

There’s a Michelin guide recommended fish and chips in North Shields. It’s alright.

No please don’t let that stop you. Honest reviews please.

honestly, a strong first entry for me.

Sorry, it’s not how i was raised. Do give her my regards.


You deserve more chips, you always deserve more chips

There is no such thing as too many chips

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Just questioned mum covertly, it was a branded fish but she did not specify.


textbook HR’s, I’ll put the laguna on it.