Fish and Chips: A Rolling Critique Thread


apologies, it was a ‘regular’; other choices were ‘large’ and ‘legendary’. price was a steep £9 or so.




I’m backing outta here, promise! Apologies again for disobeying the rules.

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Excuse my ignorance, but when you say the best ‘half’ sausage you’ve ever had - do you buy it like that or is that just the bit you had left when you took the pic?

Never had a proper takeaway in England/Wales (dunno if that’s where you live?) and every region varies in its customs obviously but I’ve never heard anyone irl talk about a half sausage. (That’s what she said etc)


My partner and I always split a sausage! It’s very sweet.


Thought it was some Northern English thing! Ordering a bonus half sausage to stir in your pie or some such.



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This is what we do, even though secretly I’m hoping I get it all to myself (and quite often do).

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8/10 for this from me.
Batter was good
Chips were good
Portion was good but could obviously have eaten more.


Not enough chips.

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What am I doing in this darned thread once again? Needs some fishes and chipses now.


Chips are overrated. Any more than 10-15 full sizers is excessive.

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This looks great. Nice, light batter with a bit of give to it. Not the jagged, hardened mostrosities I’ve seen elsewhere in this thread. Not a lot of chips but two pieces of fish makes up for that.

Where’s the pickle?/10.


I’m a salt and vinegar purist.


I knew this would be the main criticism but there was a decent amount.

I don’t feel hungry and also don’t feel uncomfortably full.

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Salt and Malt - Chew Magna, Bristol. Cod and chips, £11.50. Not enough chips, but the fish was great as were the peas.

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No need to pile the fish on the peas but otherwise looks good


Small plate innit


Hard done by on the sauce portion! Looks banging though


My mate must have had half my portion of sauce. Was loads in her pot.