Fish and Chips: A Rolling Critique Thread

Ooh and add mackerel




Tonight’s dinner. All from m&s I think. Should have had ketchup as well as tartare sauce in retrospect.

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Had FnC (and mushy peas) last night from the local chippy. No photos. Chips were maybe a bit anaemic, but not bad, and there was a good amount (but not too many). Fish was huge - overhung the plate by an inch at each end - and a nice chunky bit of cod too. My batter was slightly soggy, but the wife’s was nice and crispy. Would average the two out and give it a solid 7.5/10.

Awww man, I didn’t take a good pic of my chippy tea. (but my uploads seem to be working again).


some questions:

  1. what’s the pastry piece on this plate? sausage roll?
  2. what’s the black sauce?
  3. what’s the piece of matter just to the right of the spoon?
  4. is that a syringe next to the plate?!

  1. It’s a panino! Rolled pizza base with a bunch of mushrooms, spicy sausage and chicken and cheesey stuff.
  2. Gold star brown sauce. More vinegary than HP or daddies and as close as you can buy in a shop to famous Edinburgh “sauce” that you get on your chips with salt.
  3. That’s battered haggis from mearns mccaskie butchers. Sublime.
  4. Yes, I had to give to bairn a shot of nurofen as he smashed his face up in nursery on Thursday and is moaning that his cheekbone/ eye socket hurts.

yeah yeah…




£1.50 each? How do you not just live off them?

'nduja, duja, duja wanna, wanna go
And get panino napoletano

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I know! I try to limit trips to the chippy to once a month max because it’s (delicious) heart disease on a plate. Most of the chippies down our way are Italian (most of the cinqueterre seems to live here) so there’s always something delicious and tempting as well as a fish supper :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:

Gonna try and get the good fish and chips and wanted last week later and not fall over on the way


What happened to the fish?

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It’ll be ‘V’ish won’t it

Where are the rest of the chips? This whole thing is a shambles tbh.

But, but it’s teeny



V small portion