Fish and Chips: A Rolling Critique Thread

A fish and chip portion can never be too big… Part of the joy of fish and chips is it’s always just a little too much to handle.

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Chips look a little anaemic.

yes! and a large fish!

I assure you it’s just the lighting :slight_smile:

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I had the worst fish and chips the other week. The fish had probably been frozen and defrosted a bunch of times. Mush.

The Plaice, Winchester

Small Cod (!)
Large chips
Mushy peas
Curry sauce not pictured


immediate tummy rumble seeing this

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Somehow, too many chips

you can do it!

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Got like 12 left. Holding out for another 10mins then smash them out

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Needs more peas. And tartare sauce obvs. But that looks pretty good!

That looks great. Chips look a good mix of greasy and crispy with a pleasing amount of sog squish.
Batter looks firm and golden.
Not on mushy peas book.

I picked up a tub of peas after asking my partner whether she wanted any. She said no. When I got back, she decided she did so took half the bloody tub. Blame her for the lack of peas pls.

Curry sauce instead of tartare, as it should always be.

Tell her she’s cost you a 9/10


Damn it!

Quality and portion size looks spot on. Hard to fault anything here tbh. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt with the peas and award a 9.2.


Looks like they’ve left the skin on the fish 2/10

That’s a good thing though.