Fish and Chips: A Rolling Critique Thread

It was her birthday, she got to makes the food rules grumble grumble

(Get a gimlet @Witches to make Keith jealous)


Alreet, here goes -

Overall I’d give it good/10. We sat in and the service was a bit blah and it was over priced. Next time deffo just going to order takeaway and eat outside. Anyway, this thread isn’t about the service… batter was good, very crispy, haddock was good, mushy peas also good, good chips too. GOOD.

Also cheeky wee crab claws on the side there. You’ve guessed it, they were good!


that is some mondo fish, mate. what are the little bites? chips look peng too. this looks a solid 8.

You could’ve sold that to me as a straight 9.5/10 - looks great


8 was very harsh upon a closer look actually. definitely a 9.

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They’re crab claws :crab:


This is a clear 9. Those crab claws look :yum:, good batter, nice array of sauces, personally would like a few more chips but other than that, yes please.

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Did you not recognise them outside of a pub setting?

Yeah, I think I know where I’m eating next time we’re in Edinburgh.


Haddock. Solid 8/10 from me


Chips look good, assume there’s more in the bag. Fish is a decent size, batter could be cooked a bit more for my taste, curry sauce looks very good. 8.4.


When did we start pitchfork ratings in here?

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I’m going 7.8.


I’ve been doing it all the way through zeal. Chipfork ratings.


Best New FNC

Chips look a bit too big and sturdy for my tastes.

Knife fish, my favourite.

7.9/10 here I think. no mushies and i’m worried about the quantity of chips.

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Fear not, there were plenty of auxiliary chips in the bag. Tv had mushy peas, I went for curry sauce and am a purist, not tolerating cross contamination!

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See I’d likely only sit-in there. I loved the food but due to the popularity from the TV appearance some people i know have taken 45 mins in line to get takeaway! That’s not something I’m super into doing in a windy Edinburgh harbour in wintertime …