(Fit of the) Vapers



I’ve been using those crappy stick vape things for over two years, but now I’ve just bought one of these.

What puzzles me is that it has a display on it that tells me how many volts it’s doing and how long it’s been on.

But the thing is I don’t have eyes on my chin, so that display’s pretty pointless.

Nearly blew my head off with the first puff mind.

This really isn’t worth a thread is it.


Strong op nonetheless colfilth.


Welcome to the nation. Tried blowing a load of smoke all over the screen but didn’t really work.


Can someone photoshop me a photo of James Dean smoking one of these things instead of a bifta?

I’m not judging, but indulging in an electronic cigarette in public surely requires sacrificing the ol’ self respect a bit?


Mate I spent a quarter of a century advertising in public the fact that I was voluntarily giving myself lung cancer. how much self respect do you think i have left?


Aesthetically, though, the act of smoking a cigarette is and always will be cool.

Less so the cancer, sure.


Here’s the list of people older than me who smoke and are cool:

Keith Richards


Ach and maybe Dot Cotton.


I’m still on one of those Kangertech Pen E-Cigs. Suits me down to the ground. I’m never gonna hit up the box ones myself. The one I use is already too big.


The Blu ones are my favourites but you can’t just replace the coil you have to replace the entire clearomiser every time and they’re £5 a throw so fuck that.


Well obviously I didn’t get it because I wanted to blow massive clouds of vapour all over the place, but I did want something reliable, long-lasting, easy to replace and reasonably good value. Since I started vaping I’ve been a slave to the V-revolution shop in seven dials and they are a shoddy bunch of rip-off artists. Now I can get all my supplies through 10motives I’m happy enough.

None of this disproves the obvious fact that the vaping as lifestyle fad is utterly ridiculous. I am and remain a humble drug addict.


Aye - ticks all those boxes for sure. Whatever works for you man.

I have always just bought everything online. Been into 2 vape shops and never, ever again. Absolute horrorshow.



I vaped THC the other night. It was odd.


What is that?


Oh no.




Don’t forget to recalibrate the flux capacitor while you’re at it.




Ah got it. Yeah I won’t be going anywhere near that.