Fit ye got fur lunch?


I’m having this, plus some salt n vinegar McCoys and an apple



Will be visiting the re-opened Barbican Waitrose and hoping beyond hope they’ve sorted out the layout of the self-service tills as part of their refurbishment.


I’m going to get a haircut then pick up a bagel to eat at my desk

EDIT: Bagel will be filled, contents as yet unknown


Their refurbishment caught me unaware, causing brief panic on Monday evening, followed by pandemonium in the St John St Waitrose. I was not amused.


Been prepared for it since they popped the signs up, sorry for your poor experience.


dunno yet, can i get back to you?


came unprepared today so i will be eating in the student canteen #prayforeric


aye, awright


dunno. they’re doing curry in the cafe again so maybe that? can i have curry 3 days in a row?


Cheese on toast (with tomatoes underneath the cheese. And probably mustard)




We’re off to Nandos


Got some cous cous with mixed beans mixed in. Gonna buy myself a bit of salmon* from the canteen to go with it.

*Unbelievable value on the salmon fillets from the salad counter in the canteen here - 65 pence for a cooked salmon fillet.




GOT: cheese, cucumber and mayo sandwich and a Boost.

NEED: I’m feeling some steaky McCoy’s and maybe some kind of pastry business. Yesterday I had a Higgidy roquito pepper sausage roll. Was good.


Not sure how I feel about the consumption of hot curry at one’s workstation. Not sure at all


Yes, of course you can.


people eat all sorts here, it’s fine

plus air con = minimal smells tbh


cold potatoes with sliced raw green peppers, bit of camembert and some cornichons. #KiKblog


You don’t have to sink to their level Niki (curry looks a good choice though)