Fitness and exercise thread 2022 πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸš΄β€β™€οΈπŸ§˜

What exercise you all up to huns? Any fitness goals for 2022 or the year ahead?

Feel free to discuss weight goals (lifting, pushing, pulling as well as losing, gaining, maintaining) but please please please be mindful that diet and weight loss chat isn’t helpful to everyone and can be actively harmful for many people, so consider spoilering anything that might be difficult for others to read and engage with, or start a new thread if you want to chat about that side of things :slight_smile:

I’ve been working with my personal trainer for a few months now and starting to see some improvement in my fitness, although after I did my back in for a couple of weeks last year deadlifting a weight I would have been fine with pre-pandemic we’re working on form and avoiding injury rather than pushing for heavier weights. Also started Yoga with Adriene’s 30 Day challenge on Youtube (there’s a thread somewhere as a few of us are doing it) as I need to strengthen my core and do some good stretching and mobility work.


If anyone wants to join in the fun/aches/realisation that the ageing process has done a total number on you, we’re only 2 days in and the daily sessions are about 30 mins long


I had a fitness goal to run 1000km last year. Missed it by 60km.

Gonna make it happen this year instead.


Finally over the death-plague. Going to try and start this evening.

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I aim to do my 100 hours of exercise this year.

First football game of 2022 is tomorrow night. I’ll be doing regular updates so you can update your stats spreadsheets.


Yesterday: swimming
Today: play football
Tomorrow: play football
Thursday: swimming
Friday: nothing
Saturday: swimming
Sunday: play football



I’m gonna swim once a week and take a good long walk once a week and do the 30 day Adriene thing this month. I get really consumed by various laptops and end up staying in working a lot so I hope having these weekly sessions carved out will remind me to generally move more without making me feel bad if I have several intense hard-to-leave-the-house days in a row.

No goals specific to the activities but I am generally aiming for more energy in 2022 so movement and some air is part of that wider idea.


Keep up my x3 weekday morning cycles :muscle:t2:
2 - 5k walks a week (Monday after work, Friday before work)
Get back on my FitOn App bullshit :weight_lifting_man:

Want to try to do this too. One long walk every weekend.


It’s all about the bike for me. No other exercise inspires me. Soooo trying to get out once a day, but not if the weather is truly chronic.

My fitness is so much better for it. Also my lung capacity improvement means I can sing higher notes again!? I can even hit some of adeles high ones and I never expected to see that joy again


I wanted to learn/be able to do handstands but there is nowhere safe to practise this in my house, no bare bit of wall with enough space for me to fall over in front of it :confounded:

Gonna swim a halibut more.


Outdoor and team exercise is good for my mental health, especially when I’m mainly working from home, and my aim this year is to be a little more structured about what I do. This ties in with my (repeat) New years Resolution of compartmentalising work into a 9am-6pm window, Monday to Friday. I don’t have a target weight at all (I tend to put on weight when I exercise, so it’s pretty meaningless for me anyway), and I tend to motivate myself by entering events such as half marathons or triathlons.

So, getting back into my running every morning before work:

Hockey season restarts on Saturday, so I’ll be plodding around a cold pitch for 70 minutes every week until March.

I’m still not comfortable going swimming in an indoor pool, so I might have to wait until the reservoir is warm enough for me to re-start that again. I’d also like to do more cycling this year as I barely did any last year.

I’d also like to get back into my exercises, as they seem to help my posture and reduce the risk of injury. These aren’t too strict, but are:
Side planks (2x20 seconds to each side)
Hip raises - (one foot planted, the other leg pointed, raised and lowered. 2x10 to each leg)
Side plank leg lift (2x10 to each side)
Bulgarian split squats (2x10 to each leg)

Think that’s it for me.


My back is in ruins. Just constant chronic niggles and stiffness and aches. First order is to get that properly looked at, follow professional advice with regards to strengthening exercises and whatnot.

Definitely going to find some events to enter (cycling)

Would absolutely love to go on a cycling holiday somewhere warm, but not expecting that to happen.

Might go for a run tonight…

Going to start an alcohol diary again but don’t think I can be bothered with calorie counting.

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just working out 6 out of 7 days a week tbh - mainly in 45 minute bursts but one big heavy session a week to put the pressure on slightly

feeling pretty good at the mo and hoping to capitalise on that with a super healthy month

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Just doing the yoga and a daily walk atm. I feel utterly dreadful physically at the moment so I’m hoping once I’ve got a bit more core strength and stamina I can add some more stuff to that. Also doing some intermittent fasting (only eating between 12-8) most days, though I had some breakfast this morning as I was feeling totally wiped out.

I’d like to lose a bit of weight but my main goal is not to feel like my bones are covered in rust all the time.


Realistically, I’m not likely to do much other than a daily walk between now and Easter - firstly, work is too busy and secondly, I just find it too difficult to motivate myself when it’s dark and cold :frowning:

I had a question about 10,000 steps a day, though. I just timed myself walking for a minute and I took 115 steps. So by my maths, I’d need to be walking for nearly an hour and a half (approx 5-6 miles a day) to do my steps. I mean, I know I’ll achieve a fair few by just walking to and from the toilet, kettle etc - but it just seems like an ambition I’m never going to achieve.

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Have you used a pedometer/fitbit before?

If not, I think you’d be surprised how many steps you can rack up by just doing normal stuff. The 10,000 a day is an arbitrary figure that won’t suit everyone, so take it with a pinch of salt, but it’s not unusual for someone to need to do a top up walk of only a mile or two in the evening to bring it up to that target.


I think it’s really important to be realistic with goals, otherwise you’re set up to fail and then blame and feel bad about yourself when you do!
Small, achievable targets are the best way to start, then you feel motivated as you hit them and feel your fitness gradually improve and that spurs you on to do a little bit more (if you want to and have the time to) :muscle:t2:
And January is a miserable time of year anyway, be kind to yourself :slightly_smiling_face:


Bike, bike and more bike.

Did 2,000-and something miles last year. Set my target at 2500 to start with, and with at least 1000 of those being for β€˜transport’ (rather than just joyriding) .

Occasionally have a run on the treadmill but it’s boring and too much like hard work tbqh.

Keep thinking about getting back into swimming but the timetable at Local Leisure Centre is very confusing. You can’t just sign up for swimming either, it has to be gym + swimming which is quite expensive considering I have zero intention of using the gym.


Yeah this is exactly what I’m thinking :slight_smile: Like, today I took myself into town after lunch (going via the local park), which is achievable because

  • I fitted it in with a job I needed to do
  • I didn’t have to change into any exercise gear or anything
  • Crucially, I actually like walking

So my target is:

  1. try to do something every day even if it’s just a 20-30 minute walk
  2. do a bit more in the spring and summer months
  3. stop fucking comparing myself with others