Fitness and exercise thread 2023


I’ve just been for a gym induction ahead of starting a “lifting for ladies” course in a couple of weeks. I’m a total beginner, but want to get fitter and stronger because I’m getting old and things hurt sometimes. Don’t have any particular goals at the moment but I’m sure that’ll change as I progress. Don’t think I’ll do any cardio at the gym (I’ll save that for when I can be arsed riding my bike) - just resistance machines at the moment and the weights etc once I’ve started the course. Aiming to try and go a couple of times a week at the moment. We’ll see how that goes.

Anyway. Tell me about your goals or talk about what you wanna do this year please!

As per the previous thread:

please please please be mindful that diet and weight loss chat isn’t helpful to everyone and can be actively harmful for many people, so consider spoilering anything that might be difficult for others to read and engage with, or start a new thread if you want to chat about that side of things


I went to a crossfit gym last year and was so impressed with how strong everyone was and this is what i would love to work on this year, building strength. Also want to pick up a new active hobby, 2022 was golf but haven’t decided on 2023 yet, hopefully can settle on one


My main target is to improve on the 81 games of football I played last year.

I do have a weight target but (as last year) it’s my pre-pandemic weight.


No resolutions or goals this year as I’m pretty happy with the way things are going and I’m in a good place with exercise atm. Also difficult to make concrete plans now I’m back working abroad for weeks at a time every few months.

I’d like to get back to weekly spin classes in addition to my PT sessions and go to the gym once a week when possible

Just love lifting dem weights 🏋🏻‍♀️


I think I’d just like to get back into running this year. A few years ago I was running 10k - half marathon, but I’ve completely let it slide and I haven’t been running in at least 6 months along with 2 years at WFH, poor diet etc. I think it’s gonna be a complete restart, couch to 5k, but I know I enjoy it once I get a bit better at it.

There’s also a gym opening really close to me house this year but I’ve never been to a gym and find it pretty intimidating.


Back into running properly, with aims of getting back under 19 mins for 5k and running a half marathon in 1:30.

Sort of weight loss chat about 7kg over what’s generally my fighting weight but not focused on losing it because it will just come off as I get back into running shape, just know that generally when I’m running at my best that’s about the weight I am


Decided that this is the year that I get sexy.

Constrained by Covid unfortunately because there’s a good lifting gym round the corner. But with my ADHD diagnosis now I know that I need to stop beating myself up about falling out of routines, so I’ve got a few short things to do that I can swap between as I get bored of them.

  1. short dumbbell routine of 1.5 rep lifts to fail then 1 rep lifts to fail, in shoulder press, upright row, bench press, deadlifts.
  2. press ups, 2x10 with short rest in-between then a final set to fail, holding each rep under tension at the top
  3. pull up bar progress, which right now is dead hangs, one kind of pull up (dunno the different names, the narrow underhand grip one that uses biceps), and resistance band exercises to strengthen supporting back muscle groups
  4. leg lifts (with weights) and plank for core. Might get a kettle bell so I can do more of these kind of things, i.e. core strengthening stuff that doesn’t involve sit ups or crunches
  5. rest days. THESE COUNT. I’m writing this to remind myself that days off are important and you don’t progress without them, or you do until you injure yourself

Only goal is to feel better and stronger, and hopefully see some aesthetic benefits too but I’m trying very hard to view that as a consequence of regular exercise rather than the goal.

Already injured myself by doing my semi-annual “I know my bad knees really, really don’t allow me to do squats, but it’s such a good movement so maybe this time will be different” foolishness.


Joined a gym last year but struggled to make any routines stick. Tend to have a quick swim now then hit the steam room / therapy pool / heated lounger, which isn’t as good for my fitness, but I certainly think it’s good for mental health, so swings and roundabouts.

Should try and throw in more actual gym sessions though.


Remember how we both tried to get to 100 games in 2020? That obviously never happened but let’s make that the 2023 aim.

The other target is to go swimming on days that I don’t play football, with a minimum of 3 times a week (when in London) and a minimum distance of 1k per session. Allowing for trips away that should work out as 45 x 3 x 1k = 135k

Current stats:

Football games played: 1
Results: W 1 D 0 L 0
Goals scored: 1
Swimming distance: 0.0k

To be continued…


That’s been my target for the last two years but I haven’t gotten that close due to lockdowns and injuries and holidays.

100 would be amazing but I’d be happy with 85+.

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Live within walking distance of a swimming pool which tends to be pretty quiet, so hopefully go there more for general fitness and improve upper body strength.

I haven’t been on a decent bike ride for months. So I need to put mudguards on and getting going with that, or even just set up the indoor trainer so I’m doing something. I have been running a bit and playing football at least.


I rejoined the gym in September as we were without a bathroom for ages. I’ve been pretty good going and I aim to stick with it.

I’ve already been three times since Christmas, Tuesday, Saturday and today. Today was the busiest it’s been for ages, I guess new years resolution people. I also plan to up my swimming but I always feel self confident about that.

I’d like to get into 5 aside football, I used to play with work years ago but I’m not confident about joining one with strangers though it would be good for me.

As well as that I need to start getting up early and going for a walk before work, rather than getting up and just turning on my computer.

Would like to lose half a stone and get fitter.


Hurt my back and not been running in weeks. Back doesn’t feel too bad right now but i do feel I’m really stiff all the time. Feel a bit too young for it to be this bad. Physio has given me exercises but I’m not great at finding time for it.

Would love to get back into running.

You can do it @plasticniki :muscle:t2:

At the end of the summer, I tried out a bootcamp in the park class and loved it. Went pretty much every Saturday morning and so I’m going to continue that and also he does one on a Monday in the church hall which I tried before Christmas so will add that in. Once or twice a week doing that is enough for me with my regular walking and occasional reformer Pilates.

I have gone hell for leather with exercise before but really feel I’ve found something I enjoy at a pace I like and no pressure to lose weight or any goals like that. Just keeps me happy in the head and that’s the key priority for me.


I’d like something like a class where someone makes you do stuff (cause I’m a people pleaser) but i worry about the expense and also the fact i have zero coordination.

Can remember trying to follow one of my sister’s step videos when i was a teenager and it was a disaster.

The only exercise that I’ve enjoyed sticking with is running. Oh and i’d like to do more swimming but that takes too much time.

Definitely have a look for something local run by one or two people. These classes are an hour long and definitely makes me work but he does 10 classes for £80. Can’t argue with that tbh!

You don’t need too much coordination and any teacher worth their weight will explain things properly, help you adjust as the class goes on and gives beginner alternatives.


Attempting to go to the gym 150 times this year, so 3 times a week on average. This might be a tall order for me, but I am pretty good when I get into a routine, and in 2022 my routine was only broken by the fact that I was studying for professional exams, so I’d basically stop doing anything else for long stretches of time in the build-up to those.

I’m hopeful that won’t be the case this year (exam results are still pending), and if not I can basically get into a nice boring routine of planning my eating and going to the gym regularly late in the evenings when it’s quiet.


Was quite into running and used to do a 5k+ two or three times a week. Then I was pretty sick in the autumn and it just died away completely, so I really need to get back into that. I do sometimes idly muse about joining a gym, but it’s expensive and intimidating so…

Joined a weightlifting/HIIT gym called Lord of the Rig :rofl::pray: last year which has changed my approach to exercise and health in general for the better. Complimented with a few runs a week and feeling in a very happy place. Would like to train for and run another half marathon but actually enjoy it this year instead of grinding towards a time.

Got rid of my scales and haven’t looked at my weight in nearly a year which has also been a big change/help.

My word for the year is consistency so looking to apply that across all facets of my life.