Fitness and exercise thread 2023

dc rainmaker is the expert for this stuff

as a cyclist i’d recommend getting an actual gps computer and chest strap hrm, though.that way you’ll be able to follow a gps track and see maps as you ride, and have all your data in front of you without having to constantly look at your watch. i do understand if you want your tech to be more flexible that that though. cycling gps units can’t really be used for anything else.


learnt bench pressing yesterday. fuck! so weak. was loads of fun doing it in a small group though. i am really enjoying these sessions. went back to the gym earlier today and did some dumbell exercises focussing on back and shoulders (following a programme on the caliber app - has anyone tried that?), as well as practising my barbell deadlift.


Thanks, that’s great.I’ll check out the garmin ones. I’m sure a basic one will do me.

Yeah I’d like to get a bike unit for gps tracking etc at some point. I do find all the features a bit confusing and tend to switch off a bit on the dcrainmaker style in depth analysis though tbh. Nice to get a quick DiS - ‘get this one’ recommendation!

Yeah, that’s totally fair enough.

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Post in my thread please

Had another check in today at the four week mark. Down a total of 1.1kg in four weeks with only a 0.3kg change from two weeks ago but my aim is to build muscle and lose some body fat along the way with increased activity and metabolism.

Body fat mass is down to 21.5kg from 23.4kg, body fat percentage is down to 23.6% from 25%, skeletal muscle mass is up to 39.7kg from 39.1kg with my protein and metabolic rate increasing nicely.

Not sure how these numbers appear to others but I’m pretty happy. Noticing a change in the appearance of my body, feeling much better in terms of energy and general fitness.

The main thing I’m happy about is how sustainable it feels. Yeah I could push things a bit more with additional exercise, cut out some of the alcohol I’ve had recently and say no to some of the less healthy food I’ve had at social gatherings but realistically I’m not going to be doing that long term.

Starting on the creatine tomorrow to see if that makes any difference to my workouts and signing up for another three months on the same programme.


Have found bench pressing really difficult too and a bit scary. Floor presses less so, feels like there’s a lot less danger there until a bit of strength is built up.

That’s great!

My mental health has certainly improved since I started doing strength work. Haven’t really noticed anything else.


Did 8 reps on 20kg dumbbells for the first time last night :muscle:


Are these measurements taken at the gym or is it some fancy scales or something?

Think this is fantastic and has to be my main aim even if my overall fitness doesn’t improve that much. I am just so faddy in everything I do and I really need to try and embed a longer term change, mainly for my mental health tbh.


It’s a fancy machine at the gym. Seems like magic but apparently it sends a current through your body and works all this stuff out.

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Sounds kind of fun actually!

It’s very

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But I have faith in the numbers.

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Lunchtime bike ride did not go well. No power in my legs at all.

I’ve realised how convenient it is to live a 5 minute walk from the leisure centre so have been swimming as much as possible. The timetable isn’t great but I can usually fit in one or two a week.

I also got a skipping rope about a month ago and have just been doing 5-10 minutes at a time. Progress was pretty slow at first but today it clicked fairly well and I was able to do a few minutes at a quick pace without any errors. It’s so good to see progress in something that’s physical and technical! It absolutely kills my calves pretty quickly though.


Are you doing them on a rack?


i have shoulder hypermobility/laxity and torn rotator cuffs and had neck nerve issues for a long time, got it into a state now where i dont have trouble. touch wood

started off doing shoulder band exercises and dead hangs from a pullup bar until i could lift weights without getting impingements. think the band stuff is good but eventually you just need more muscle surrounding the joints and that needs proper gym work probably

doing neck specific stuff really made my life loads better. i just did the warmup in this video

every other day until i stopped feeling discomfort during it and then started doing the weighted stuff, even bought a neck harness which is one of the sillier looking pieces of exerciese equipment, works though! did more research about it and some people think you should only do static exercises with your neck as opposed to curling it through a range of motion. it worked for me but maybe worth noting

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