Fitness and exercise thread 2023

week 11

:white_check_mark: Did a bit of walking in Sheffield
:x: 2 cycles (both 1hr so equivalent of 3)
:x: no FitOn stretch
:white_check_mark: 4 FitOn workouts - all on Mon Tues though
:white_check_mark: Left the house on Saturday and Sunday

Not a great week but I was really busy and away from Thurs-Sun

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Managed at least one run (mostly one run) every week this year except two weeks ago when I had Covid. I’ll let myself off that one.

Now I’ve proven that my lungs are capable again I really need to get better at taking advantage of these beautiful light mornings before the clocks change and they go away again for a bit.

I’m also away a lot this week and next but that is not an excuse, it’s an opportunity to go running somewhere new! And possibly get lost!

Not done any exercise for a few weeks due to the stress of my mum being ill and then bits of the ceiling coming down in the corner of our bedroom where the exercise bike is (it’s quite difficult to move from where it is so we’ve just folded it up and shoved it out of the way of any dripping water/falling plaster).

Was feeling like a sack of potatoes and the leaky ceiling still isn’t likely to get fixed any time soon so today I got out my rowing machine that’s barely been used since my boyfriend bought the exercise bike. Quite enjoyable actually.

Games: 16
Goals: 44


I think I’ve pulled something in my groin or thigh :grimacing:

Games: 17
Goals: 45

Lovely glancing header; a striker’s goal, if you will.

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Did my first parkrun



week 12

:x: No long/5k walks
:x: :white_check_mark: 4 cycles but I knew I probably wouldn’t have time for one on Friday so did an extra 10 mins every day = equiv 5
:white_check_mark: 8 FitOn workouts - inc 1 stretch
:white_check_mark: Left the house on Saturday and Sunday

Need to get out for more intentional walks, meeting a friend this afternoon so will get at least one go round the park in :slight_smile:


Have started doing couch to 5k after letting my fitness completely slide during pandemic followed by the birth of our child. I know it works because that’s how I started running for the first time about 10 years ago and I got to the point of loving it and running half marathons (Crazy how much you can just lose it completely).

The app is /way/ better now than it used to be (maybe it was just a podcast then), and having just finished week 2 I have a glimpse that I might just be able to enjoy it again eventually.


Games: 18
Goals: 48

I had to cry off another game tonight because my knees needed mollycoddling.

Legs still haven’t recovered (although that could partly be the pilates on Monday). Also noticed that my heart rate was 181 at the end which is higher than it normally gets in races so maybe I’m still ill.

Do I have to wait half an hour to cycle after eating a poached egg on toast, an apple, coffee and a kinder choco fresh?

Depends how hard you’re pushing. I’d just start and slow down/stop if my guts started acting up, but I’m also a fool

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Ugh - three weeks since I last ran a 5k, and when I was at the gym at lunchtime I only managed to run 4.5, and had to slow right down for the last 1/2 km

So pleased to be back on the bike after a litany of calf troubles. Still building up my strength and fitness again, but managed a 125km ride on my day off (in stunning weather) without any ill-effects. Still feeling a bit sore two days later, but in the DOMS sense rather than anything more sinister. Fingers crossed I’m past the last of the setbacks :crossed_fingers:


What a picture


And surprise surprise my legs are letting me know all about it today.

I still might try and do Parkrun on saturday (mainly because it’s Brighton Marathon on Sunday, so I get to run through the finish line of that)

Finding it really hard to improve on my deadlift. Can’t seem to get past the 50kg mark. What could I do? I think part of the problem is I have next to no grip strength so I’ve read that farmers carries help with that. Kinda hard to do in a busy(ish) gym and I don’t have weights at home, though. I’m trying to keep accessory exercises up (bent over rows, dumbell shoulder press). Should I dial it back a bit and up the reps for a while?

Conversely my back squat is improving every session. 60kg felt easy today, the heaviest I’ve done.


For grip I’ve found doing slow relaxes on pull exercises really helps. So for lateral raises and rows trying to take 4 seconds to return the weight back on each rep. Absolutely murders your forearms but it’s good.

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