Fitness and exercise thread 2023

Finally did a 50kg deadlift. Five reps, three sets. Feeling like that’s on the edge of my strength right now whereas the 50kg squats I was doing last week were easy.

Really excited to be making progress with this lifting malarkey.


oh no #hurtbackassociation

football was okay, despite my back aching a bit (including a bit of sciatica), feeling anxious, and not feeling super-fit due to not sleeping normally

I scored some goals, did some nice passes, some skillful dribbling (the sort where you go past people with the skills, even) + my friend Anton remarked that I also seemed very strong, which is quite cool

think I scored the winning goal, actually? a powerful + precise finish in off the post to the goalie’s left


had three months off doing weights cause i got injured and then was busy with life stuff.

lost a stone and a quarter and feel a bit feeble, just had a couple of sessions back & trying like 60% of what i was at and thats kicking my arse.

its good though, im glad i managed to get myself to start again, it makes me happier.


It’s dispiriting how quickly you lose strength after some time off compared to how slowly you gain it, isn’t it?

Still, once you get over the first 2-3 weeks of mega soreness it seems to climb back up again fairly quickly

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Games: 15
Goals: 39

Tonight was my worst game of the year so far.

Able to do 45kg 5-4-3-2-1 sets of strict press now. Pretty happy with that after eight weeks. Really feeling my upper body strength improve and my shoulders and upper arms are starting to look more like I wanted them to.

Did a bootcamp class yesterday. Was alright

did pilates and climbing last night.

my stomach feels it today.

Want to go to the gym again, but I’m just terrified of embarrass myself by not knowing how to do any of the stuff. Even though I know nobody will give a shit/will be actively supportive.

Reckon if I post this here, it might force me to go.

Update: went to the coop instead.

did some pullups on the shelves

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Deadlifted the newspaper stand

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I’ve been going to gym every day for the last two weeks while we get the bathroom done again. I’ve done cardio most days and weights every other. Generally felt good.

But on Tuesday the shower cubicle got delivered and the truck couldn’t access my road as its so narrow. So we had to carry very heavy shower panels the length of the road. That’s completely done me, I ache so much…

Imagine how bad you’d feel without the training beforehand!


Sort of accidentally ran 7k today, tried to follow a 5k route i’ve done with a club before but got slightly lost. feels good


football was okay. 8-a-side. lost by only one goal

I scored twice; the first one was really good

got shouted at by someone for two passes going awry early doors, which made me angry and upset. fuck ever doing that, especially in a friendly regular game

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Know what? I’m delighted with this. Nine weeks in with no previous gym experience, doing basically no dedicated exercise before and eating badly - about four takeaways a week.

My self confidence has rocketed, I feel more alert, have more energy, my strength has improved massively and the best thing is that it all feels extremely sustainable. Wonder where I can be by June?


Always get really irked by that, as it clearly doesn’t work as it’s usually from someone who’s not playing well either or who missed passes. The only person I kinda let it slide from is G******, because he’s just always quite good, so I feel like I’ve let him down.

Great work!

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My rule I try to stick to for any football is to only criticise (wrong word really, ‘give constructive feedback’ let’s go with) for decisions. Misplaced pass or a shit touch happens to everyone, everyone knows what’s happened and the person doesn’t need reminding. Not tracking runners, not passing/picking the right pass or whatever, worth telling someone