Fitness and exercise thread 2023

Depends where you’re wearing it.

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Can’t remember who recommended Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daily newsletter but I signed up and I love it so thank you

Some of the “studies show blueberries are good so eat blueberries” parts are a bit iffy but it’s mostly really great


That’s awesome. Trying to get your money’s worth now they’ve hiked up membership fees?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was completely derailed by injury so now have 50 visits to do in 4 months to hit 150. At the start of the year I was thinking I’d do it and then some, but will be really happy with 150 given the accident.

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It’s probably an obvious thing, but the good thing about having an actual target is that nights where in the past I’d go “forget it”, now I’ll more often drag myself out even if it’s just for 40 minutes and nothing particularly intensive.

I feel like those kind of workouts, just feeling like you’re keeping yourself ticking over, are what’s been different for me this year.


Argh I’ve absolutely stopped exercising due to holiday/festivals/moving house. Might just have to reset as soon as I move (and once I get paid)

Really, really hard to get back into the habit isn’t it? Not been to the gym since June and my eating habits have gone down the shitter which is leading to a lack of energy and motivation.

Going to properly meal plan this weekend and stick with that, a long daily walk and hopefully by then I’ll have the energy to do maybe three days a week at the gym.

I was in the best shape of my adult life a few months back and feel like I’ve thrown it all (including a lot of money) down the pan. Can’t really afford to go back to the gym I was at, or the diet that I was on which was successfully allowing me to clean bulk but I want to at least feel fit.

Know you probably know this but it’s SO much easier to get back to a level you’ve been at before than it is to get there for the first time. First couple of sessions back will feel like shite but it’ll come back in no time


My back and leg problems have been fine for a good while now. Very tempted to start running again but worried it’ll all come back and I’ll be gubbed again.

Games: 51
Goals: 111

It was really difficult playing tonight - a mixture of tiredness and temperature. Still, another three goals, including the winner.

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Week 36

:x: 2 cycles
:white_check_mark: 2 FitOn both stretch, 1 just 5 min ‘slumber stretch’ at around 9pm on Sunday to keep up my 2 FO streak :joy:
:white_check_mark: Kept up leaving house streak

Did some laps of the hotel pool in Bournemouth but decided not to count, just to enjoy it :slightly_smiling_face:


I think it was me, because I raise it to like everyone I meet.

I love the iffy bits - someone was complaining about stairs the other day and I went “People who take the stairs live 5 years longer”, mindless drivel but encourages me to do some stuff that gets the heart rate up.

It is in the pocket of Big Blueberry that said


Games: 52
Goals: 113

Another 7v7 (although one of the other team was a ten-year old). I had three attempts to complete my hat track of hat tricks but went wide/ high with every one. Two goals aren’t a terrible return.

I definitely feel like my fitness is coming back at the moment. I wish I could play more regularly.

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Official one rep strict pull-up doer!


How did you get there? Negatives?

Writing this from bed when I know I should have gone to the gym :roll_eyes:

Negatives, lat pull downs, assisted pull ups (better using bands for assistance instead of the machine)

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just to add to this (blurred because calorie related)

part of what’s kinda crucial about it is that even with the incline high, the impact is extremely low. so you’re putting in what’s a shocking amount of burn. in say an hour 1hr at 4.5km pace, incline 15, will take you close to 700cal gone. BUT you can wake up and do it again without sore knees, or lower back, or etc.

nothing else comes close for impact-free payoff, so just going back and doing it daily without being in pain is going to absolutely hammer your deficit, and as aggpass says, doesn’t leave you feeling famished after.

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Now either lying on the couch for the remainder of the year or aiming for 200.


Not been back to the gym yet but I’m walking more and already noticing a difference in my appearance.

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(also blurred for calorie chat)

this makes a lot of sense to me. I regularly go out for long and hard bike rides where I burn 2000-3000+ calories, but I’ll take in tons of carbs on the bike and eat/drink half the contents of the kitchen afterwards. I used to do a lot more hillwalking than I manage now, and I’d be out for 5-6 hour hikes taking on minimal fuel without fuss and not feeling starving afterwards

Games: 53
Goals: 113

I scored a Harry Maguire-esque OG myself tonight but I’m not counting that towards my total.

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