Fitness and exercise thread 2023

initially pulled out of football this week after having to take two nights off work with back problems but a miraculous recovery and a need to make up the numbers meant i played after all

scored 4 goals, all in a six minute spell near the end :smile:


Painful legs, and shoulder/elbow for some reason, plus unreliable back has returned and kind of prompted me to say fuck it. If I’m going to feel like a wrexk whether i run or not i might as well do a bit of running at least.

Terrible time to start with cold and dark nights on the way but i think I’ll maybe try building up to doing as many slow 5ks a week as i can stand/handle.

Week 39

:x: 3 cycles
:white_check_mark: 4 FitOn workouts inc 1 stretch
:white_check_mark: Kept up leaving the house streak

Not too bad considering how rubbish I felt. Would like to have less gaps sometimes between FitOn workouts. Need to make more effort to do some at the weekend and going to try to maintain no more than a 2 day gap between them.


Should I go for a run?

  • Yes (but its fine if you don’t)
  • Yes (but more judgmentally)
  • Nah, weather’s crap
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Don’t update your watch as they’ve changed all that now so It only goes back a max of 10 years (or something - can’t remember) from your real age

I’m keeping hold my my fitness age of 23 for as long as I can

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Ah, just read up on that. Newer watches will factor in other metrics (heart rate, days of vigorous exercise), as well as limit to 10 years younger than chronological age. Had my Vivoactive 4 for a year, got about three years out of the previous model so will enjoy being 20 while it lasts!

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Froglet and Goo are both losers. But in another more meaningful way, I’m the loser.


Games: 55
Goals: 116

I don’t think I played badly but we were a man down on a bigger pitch and I don’t think we did enough running. I missed a couple of sitters before having one shot which bounced off the defender’s groin and which I scored the rebound. The second ball, if you will.


Joined a gym last night for the first since covid. This morn i got up sharp and went to said gym for the first time since covid. Even worked up a sweat,
Wasn’t in for that long but felt fucking great to finally break the habit of not doing exercise. :slight_smile:


Running going alright so far after such a long break. I do feel a wee bit of a failure going from doing much longer runs regularly but i quite like the fact I’m out the house and back in pretty quickly plus my joints and back aren’t complaining toooo much.


:soccer::soccer::soccer: 3 goals in the footy on friday, was very pleased with my attacking progress but struggled with tracking back towards the end and my performance in nets was so bad im expecting a call from man united

first attempt at running 5k in months today (i walked half of it :laughing:) trying to be more active during the week again even if it’s just 20 mins, have found motivation hard to come by this year with my work/sleep pattern


Hate how I feel like I was just getting back into the swing of gym 3x week, 2x bikes and pilates when BOOM I get the lurgy which is probably Covid and haven’t been able to do much. Really fucking annoying. I’m so impatient!

Yeah I’m coming out the other side of covid round 2 atm and it’s been weird and frustrating to find myself having difficulty breathing while walking, haven’t even tried more intense exercise yet. Booked in for a spin class tomorrow morning though so we’ll see hope that goes as I’ve felt better today :crossed_fingers:t3:

Week 40

:white_check_mark: 5 cycles
:white_check_mark: 6 FitOn workouts inc 1 stretch
:white_check_mark: Kept up leaving the house streak


I’m trying to use the promise of a Strava badge to get back into running three times a week after doing one or two for ages.

I managed three last week, including one after work on Thursday and one on Saturday morning - neither a preferred option - and then kicked off this week today. It’s fair to say I ache quite a bit.

(But also after falling off in the summer due to a long holiday it’s really nice to see the gradual improvements I’m getting at the moment, and this should really help.)


I had this + work stuff + family commitments + illness.

So just a load of excuses really……Need a reset.

Games: 57
Goals: 118

I should have scored about nine tonight but definitely did not have my shooting boots on.

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Over halfway there!

Couple of very cold mornings (Saturday and today), which have been tough, but it’s a good feeling. Especially as I can feel my performance improving - this is something I always forget, how much more I can feel that when I regularly do 3/week.

Also Wednesday last week I accidentally (it felt good, so I just… kept going) did the longest run I’ve ever recorded on Strava. It was after work so luckily no consequences that day, but I was absolutely wiped out all of Thursday :melting_face:


Belated September summary:
7 visits to the gym, lowest number of the year

January: 15
February: 18
March: 22
April: 21
May: 19
June: 17
July: 15
August: 16
September: 7
Year to date: 150

So I met the target for the year of 150, and immediately stopped going, but not too worried about that because there was other stuff going on later in September that was taking up my time. Also I’ve been back into it this month and I’m at 11 so far for October, so that’s fine.

I think stretching the target to 200 is reasonable, I’m not realistically going to hit any major milestone past that if I take into account I might not do much later in December.


Week 41

:white_check_mark: 5 cycles
:white_check_mark: 10 FitOn workouts inc 1 stretch !
:white_check_mark: Kept up leaving the house streak
:white_check_mark: 9k walk on Saturday

A very good week :muscle: although it meant I was hobbling around on my walk on Saturday as my inner thighs and glutes were feeling all the FitOn stuff I’d been doing. This week will not be so good as I fell over yesterday and I’ve really bruised up my knee and currently can hardly walk :frowning: Won’t be cycling today, really hope it isn’t fucked for ages cos I am enjoying being so active!