Fitness and exercise thread 2023

After my first class I couldn’t decide whether I loved it or hated it with every fibre of my being. I decided to book into another couple of classes before the hated-it side of me could say no and luckily I started enjoying it. The great thing is that you’re totally in control of your own bike and it doesn’t affect anyone else if you go slower or gentler. Might go without saying but it’s worth finding an instructor whose classes you enjoy. I love classes with singalong songs and avoid the ones with drum and bass.


it sounds like DOMS to me (Pain and injuries after exercise | NHS inform)

It happens to me every time I restart a certain type of exercise after a long break. The good news is that (for me) it only happens once, and the next time I do that exercise I’m absolutely fine afterwards.


I think others have given some good advice here but just to chip in a related ramble…

my experience of PTs is that a big part of what they are selling - or at least what they think you want to buy from them - is “accountability”. lots of people will struggle for motivation, so having an enthusiastic/intense person there to make sure they keep turning up and working hard is (sometimes) important and useful for those people. sometimes that intensity crosses into the negative reinforcement stuff that you’ve experienced - again, that might work for some people, but it can’t be his only motivational technique (and evidently it isn’t). regardless, you’re obviously not one of those people who needs him for accountability in this way, because you’ve been going consistently and enjoyed it.

based on what you’ve said about him being generally nice and there possibly being a language barrier, it might be that he’s misinterpreted the fact that you don’t want to commit to going to every session as a lack of motivation. it might be that he gives positive feedback to your friend precisely because she’s more of a beginner than you, and that he thinks that someone more advanced like you needs more “tough love” to keep working hard. in my experience the personality type of some PTs can be a slightly clumsy combination of enthusiasm, intensity and double-glazing-salesman/drill sergeant, even if their heart is in the right place.

I think my point here is that hopefully, as you’ve said, this is mainly a case of crossed wires on his part. I don’t underestimate how difficult having these awkward conversations can be, but if you think there’s a decent chance that you can get everything you want (i.e. being able to keep going as often as you please, without him giving you the hard sell and without his negative reinforcement approach), then perhaps it’s worth that initial awkwardness to try to straighten it out with him.

just to be clear, his behaviour would annoy me too, so equally I could fully understand if you just cba with it.


Did my first ever double spin class last night. The first class was led by my former PT who a few years ago helped me get from the point where I couldn’t sit down without using my hands to squatting heavy weights with a barbell. She sent me a really sweet voice message after :face_holding_back_tears:


Might be worth having a few lower intensity sessions on a bike (indoor or outdoor) to build back up to a spin session

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Yeah I live in Amsterdam and get around everywhere by bike so naively assumed I had more base level fitness than I do. Lesson learned!

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You’ve hit the nail on the head here for sure.

And I do think he’d be receptive to it. He seems to rely on me for some information on how to grow and change his business (cause I am very vocal) and I really want to see him do well. He’s great with new people but maybe struggles with long term motivation or customer retention so if I can give a bit of criticism to help him whilst also helping me, it’s probably worth that slight uncomfortableness.

Thanks everyone. I feel a bit better.


I will ask her as I think it’s bothering her now during the class too :woman_facepalming:t3:

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Think it’s worth remembering that doms is more to do with stressing specific muscles/groups than base level fitness. I can be in fast marathon shape and a squats session will absolutely destroy me for days if I’ve not done one for a while. Knocking about the city is great for fitness but won’t batter your quads/calves like a spin session


yeah, this. @Owensmaterob it deffo sounds like DOMS. Annoying but nothing to worry about. You’ll feel fine again soon.

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Thank you, a relief (and yeah it does seem to be this as the pain is totally symmetrical and very much in the exact area that was under stress

i had DOMS so bad the other week after a strength class that i genuinely thought my aches were flu :cold_sweat:

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Really need to teach myself to have softer leg days. On a pattern atm of going, maxing out on squats, maxing out on the leg press, not being able to go for a run for 3 days, not doing legs for 3 weeks, rinse and repeat.

I had DOMS so bad after doing a weighted leg workout after a few months out of them that I could only go down the stairs by sitting on my bum and pushing myself down step by step.


But then I get to the gym and why would I not simply put all of the available plates on and be able to push 200+kg. It’s too tempting


apart from those strength classes (where a little bit of competitiveness comes into play) i think i have a bit of the opposite going on - i think i need to go heavier on most lifts i do but so mindful of fucking my back up again - doing that sets me back months and i find it hard to get motivated again. but it generally feels fine now unless i go heavy on dumbell rows.

this reminds me i need to buy some lifting straps :sunglasses:

i let out a little laugh when i read this :smiling_face_with_tear:

Yeah I’m sensible on deadlifts and squats because of my back. Daft prick on everything else

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this is pretty much where i am right now. the less said about the bathroom situation the better. also i live on the third floor of a 200 year old dutch townhouse, nightmare

Whenever I’ve tried running I end up barely being able to move for several days.

I’d really recommend just doing some basic time on an exercise bike to get into it.

When I started earlier this year I found I could only do 10 minutes the first day, day 2 I could do 15 minutes. A couple of days later I could do 20 minutes and after a couple of weeks I was fine doing 40-45 minutes. It’s a pretty fast way back into some basic fitness.

What I didn’t do was note what sort of power/pace I was going at but if the trainer bikes at your gym have a power meter reading I’d say start of trying to max do a steady 2.0 watts per kilo e.g. 150 watts if you weigh 75kg.

I reckon if you haven’t done much cycling recently or maybe just town type cycling, than 1,5 - 2.00 w/kg is a good pace, you’ll need to concentrate but it won’t exhaust you.

Build up time and after a few weeks consider doing an FTP (functional threshold test). That will enable you to judge just how much power you can put into those spinning bursts.

I’ve found cycling at zone 2 (approx 70% of ftp) is what suits me best. At that level you have to concentrate and get your heart rate up, build your base fitness but can still enjoy the ride.

Not quite the same approach as doing a spin class obviously so not sure how helpful that is!

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