Fitness and exercise thread 2023

The principle is helpful for sure. if i’d just done 10 minutes i probably would have been fine, i felt my legs give out shortly after that, did the rest of the class seated, and they basically haven’t come back since.

Oh. The other thing nobody has mentioned. HYDRATE. Doms is so much worse if you don’t take enough water on during and after exercise, especially with something sweaty like an indoor class. Smash down loads of water, protein and salt shortly after and you should be in better shape


A good way to recover from DOMs is actually light excercise which sounds like the worst thing you can do right now but it really isnt.


Yeah the nature of cycling means even a few seconds at full tilt will do your legs in to the point where you can’t recover.

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I’m not physically capable of exercising at the moment. I can’t even walk down the stairs. but noted, and will get back on it asap

My tip is to walk backwards down the stairs - it’s a lot easier.

If you can’t go for a very short, very slow jog, then a walk around the block will help a lot. As will using a foam roller.

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FINE, I’ve booked a physio appointment for tomorrow.

it’s two doors down from my pal’s office and we’re going straight to the pub afterwards :beers:


Got a really, really good feeling about this new physio nobody’s ever heard of



Rip epimer - death by quad stretching

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ACJ arthritis, apparently. Well, fuck.

oh, gosh. well i guess it’s a very good thing you went to the physio :confused:

Just chop me up and use the salvageable bits as spare parts. I’ve had a good run. Sort of.

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Were they helpful? Are they coming up with a plan to manage/fix it?

Hey @Owensmaterob , are you feeling any better today?

“first in, last out” strategy for the bad shoulder wrt jumpers. That’s about it.

Anyone got a code or anything for pyre gym?

Sorry that should obviously say pure gym, I do not want to self immolate


They used to have referrals (they definitely did at some point cause my partner sent me one when I joined) but can’t find how to get one on the app atm. Might be me being daft or might have been removed. If I find it I’ll send it

Yeah I just had a look and couldn’t find it either