Fitness and exercise thread 2023

Pure Dickheads!

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You’re very kind to ask. I’m doing less badly but still pretty bad, lowering myself into chairs with my arms etc. Tracking for a 7 day recovery I think!


Perfectly in time for next week’s class!


FWIW I’ve been doing a HIIT class every week or so since September, and I am this close to being able to do a sit-up!


got an offer for a 9 month contract for £20.89 per month

is that good?

Update: I went this morning and he asked me why I’ve been so quiet and I told him how I’d not been enjoying it.

He was incredibly apologetic but also very grateful I told him. He said it’s because I’ve been going for so long that he feels closer to the long term regulars and doesn’t realise what he’s saying or how much pressure he’s putting on me sometimes. He understands now that it’s not what I like and he was already trying to do better in the class this morning.

I feel so much better for saying. Thanks everyone for all the advice and help :blush:



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Immediate anxiety relief!

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Yeah think that’s basically as cheap as you’ll get outside of something work/uni part-funded. Is it a PureGym? If so I’d check the time restrictions, I know they have one tier that doesn’t have 24h access

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Yeah it’s 24 hour and includes classes

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I pay over double that for mine. They run as a charity and we’re in a rural location so opening hours are sporadic (they shut at 3pm on the weekend!) but it’s excellent.

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Games: 68
Goals: 140

No goals on Friday but a very effective defensive performance.

I need to play 13 games in December to match last year and I don’t think that’s likely.

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Week 47

:x: 3 cycles
:white_check_mark: 4 FitOn workouts inc 1 stretch
:white_check_mark: Kept up leaving the house streak

Need to get my motivation back but I’m struggling with the cold and dark :pensive:

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Games: 69 (nice!)
Goals: 140

It turns out I can’t do it on a chilly night in SW Glasgow.


Decided to switch from PPL (basically just PP as I’ve been saving my legs for running) to a body part split. 4 sessions per week, chest, shoulders, back, arms.

Think it’ll just be a short term change but it’s quite fun just working one area into the ground and knowing it has a week to recover

wish i had more time to go to the gym. my routine is currently:

monday: gym in evening if i’m lucky (push)
tuesday: pilates
wednesday: tone + stretch class
thursday: functional strength class (which is basically a lifting class)
friday: gym (pull) or bike
saturday/sunday: hopefully one gym session (legs) and a bike ride

but, life normally gets in the way and i usually struggle to fit the three gyms in, and rarely do 2 bikes. tuesday and wednesday evening sessions are out of the question also due to partner having commitments on those nights. i should really be sacking off the stretch class to do gym work instead but i like it, mainly because of the floaty ambient music.

basically can someone find me an extra day in the week, please? and ask my toddler to look after herself for long periods of time, unattended.


Think it’s seriously impressive that you have a routine that plans exercise 6 or 7 days a week even if life gets in the way to an extent. Diversity of what you do is fantastic as well.


I would be chuffed with myself if I did half of that and I don’t have kids

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i know it’s Quite Good Going but i have worked out that the only way to motivate myself is consistency. if i have a long period of time off then i find it mega hard to get back into it, and make excuses not to go very easily. also helps that i wfh and am a bit of a slacker / can go during work hours and make the time back up elsewhere.

i went for a very spendy bike fit a few years ago and the main take home from it was that i needed to start doing other stuff that wasn’t cycling as i get older, so… yeah. and turns out i really like pilates and chucking weights about (for me they don’t feel like exercise).