Fitness and exercise thread 2023

fuck fuck fuck i think i’ve pulled a calf muscle helping a colleague lift something awkward :frowning:


Did I mention I did a circuit class last week? That was sort of hard but not too bad. I tried HIIT last night. Again, not that bad. Managed my normal gym routine afterwards and my abs are killing today.

I’ve joined a “tone and stretch” class for the past two weeks which I am bloody loving. It’s mainly older people but crikey they are flexible (unlike me) and I really enjoy the exercises while listening to relaxing (actually quite nice ambient) music. Already booked for next week. I’d like to try pilates but the beginners class is a Wednesday morning which I think I’d struggle to get to. There are others but they don’t say they are specifically for beginners. Hmm.

Not really sure where I am going with the fitness journey, but I am loving discovering new things and having time to myself out of the house. My focus for the next two weeks is on the lifting classes and getting stronger with resistance machines. Anything else is a fun bonus.

Oh, I downloaded a really basic app and there’s a graph to show how much you’ve improved with volume per session, look at this!


Oh, I’ve sort of totally forgotten about cycling, lol


It’s not too bad, from all the articles I’ve read it sounds like a minor strain. I went home early from work yesterday and did absolutely nothing for the rest of the day but lie down with the leg elevated, occasionally icing the calf for good measure. I think that helped a lot, and today I can walk on it fine with only mild discomfort that feels a bit worse/tight walking up and down stairs. As much as I hate the thought, I won’t be going near a bike for at least a week. Better to rest up and let it heal than get impatient and make it worse

Have just twinged something in the side of my neck and it really, REALLY hurts :cry:
Tried to finish my workout but was worried about doing more damage
:pray: this isn’t going to last, I’m so motivated and looking forward to my pilates etc atm :frowning:

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Sympathy like, I felt tightness in my neck/shoulder on Tuesday, and last night it escalated to actual agony while I was trying to get to sleep.

I’m getting some ibuprofen and a heat pack dropped off today, hoping that does the trick.

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Sorry you’re in pain too! Here’s hoping we both feel better soon :pray:

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From a staggered PPL routine in 2022 that didn’t really work out for me, I’m kind of on the lookout for a new routine (or likely just more discipline to not fuck off some of the days when work puts me in a foul mood)

Definitely know my diet can be improved and what my main focus has been the last few months. Nipping the stout and smoking has been pretty helpful and hopefully will be able to start running over ten mins without wanting to die

Football games played: 10
Results: W 7 D 1 L 2
Goals scored: 10

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Week 3

:white_check_mark: 5 cycles
:white_check_mark: 5 FitOn workouts
:white_check_mark: 5K Friday walk
:white_check_mark: Wednesday walk with friend
:white_check_mark: left the house on Saturday and Sunday


I actually went along to this class yesterday, and it was absolutely brilliant. Felt good (mentally and physically) all day from it :+1:


Football at the weekend was cancelled, and by the time I found out it was too late to go swimming. Nevermind.

Current stats:

Football games played: 10
Results: W 5 D 1 L 4
Goals scored: 13
Swimming distance: 12.3k

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Football games played: 12
Results: W 9 D 1 L 2
Goals scored: 13


A week on and my calf is still sore. Feeling very glum after a week of inactivity, and worried it’s not healing well :frowning:

Games: 4
Goals: 7

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Things like this never heal as quickly as you want and you’ll almost certainly do more damage if you rush back into heavy exercise.

Maybe see if you can find some gentle stretches or something.

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Learnt to deadlift properly today. Really loving this strength stuff.

Went swimming this evening. Had the gentle lane all to myself. There were adult swimming lessons happening down the other end of the pool which looked really good. I can do breaststroke okay but can’t actually do it the right way where you breathe properly - I did have swimming lessons as a kid but of course it’s all forgotten. And you can forget about front crawl, I’ve no idea. So while I can swim 30 lengths (even more tbh) very comfortably I’d like to actually learn how to swim properly again. The lessons are included in my membership so I’ve booked for next week!!


Games: 5
Goals: 9

Scored a very good volley tonight - Di Canio-esque.


Football games played: 13
Results: W 10 D 1 L 2
Goals scored: 18


4 gym visits in the last 7 days.

Only did the bike tonight, but happy enough.