Fitness and exercise thread 2023

week 4

:white_check_mark: 5 cycles
:white_check_mark: 3 FitOn workouts
:white_check_mark: 5K Monday walk
:white_check_mark: left the house on Saturday and Sunday (wasn’t actually at home so I didn’t technically leave it but ykwim)


Exercised every day last week. Well done me.

Current stats:

Football games played: 13
Results: W 5 D 3 L 5
Goals scored: 15

Swimming distance: 17.4k


Really feeling the benefit of doing two spin classes a week, feeling so much fitter for it so I’m gonna keep it up as long as work stays quiet then make sure I’m going at least once a week when I get busy again


Games: 6
Goals: 12

Scored my first hattrick of the New Year tonight: One toe punt from the edge of the box; one toe poke through a crowded penalty area and a goal that probably wouldn’t have counted in a real football game because the goalie threw himself into me and ended up as collateral damage.

They all count though, don’t they?


Football games played: 16
Results: W 11 D 2 L 3
Goals scored: 18


I did the swimming lesson! I can now front crawl!! Badly!


Football games played: 18
Results: W 18 D 0 L 0
Goals scored: 73

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there’s two points I’d like, about passy.

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The bloody exercise bike is broken, we’ve ordered new pedals but they won’t arrive until Monday.
The digital display has also been broken for about 2 years now so I don’t know why we’re getting spare parts rather than a new bike :angry:

Went for a run at lunch and got disoriented. Ended up doing a half hour without thinking :smiley:

Just joined the gym isn’t it. My neighbour gave me a deal. Will probably go very infrequently.

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January summary:

12 visits to my gym, plus visits on Saturday 14th, 21st and 28th to a different gym with my brother takes me to 15.

Decent start on the goal of 150 visits this year, but can hopefully step it up a bit in February – lost most of a week in the middle of the month because of a sore neck, so need to watch out for that kind of thing. Also want a higher average in the earlier months of the year when I’m poorer and have less other things to do.


On my third week of three gym sessions a week. Despite still not having much strength I’m starting to enjoy it and noticing a difference in my body.


This morning is my 5th gym session in 7 days.

Friday evening
Saturday afternoon.
Sunday afternoon
Monday night
This morning

Hsd a couple of attempted swims, but I’ve not swam properly in 20year. Might look into lessons of some kind


Not sure if I’m turning exercise into something toxic personally. Keep thinking regular exercise and psychotherapy would go some way towards fixing myself but still feel broken.

But anyway, 40 gym visits, 18 swims and 5 bouldering sessions for January. Don’t have time to do weights and cardio in one visit so weights every lunch break and Sunday morning, cardio 3/4 times after work, swimming before work. Lots of walking outside of that. Body hasn’t completely broken down yet… Unsure if that’s what I’m trying to accelerate.

Walk the dog for hours a day but doesn’t feel like it does me any good so have finally managed to get back on my bike in the last 3 weeks or so. Think of myself as a cyclist but reality is I’ve not cycled since I moved flats 4 years ago…

Would really like to do work on strength and flexibility as well but just getting on the bike seems like a big deal both physically and mentally and I know if I try too much I’ll just end up doing nothing.

Inspiring thread this just to read about all the different things people do.

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clocked up 210KM running in January.
Pleased that doing some basic stretches everyday is making me more flexible, still some way off touching my toes but getting closer.
back to my pre-christmas levels and feels good doing this groundwork in the dark for when spring comes around soon.


Wow. That’s a lot. If I’m doing weights, I’ll usually only do a small amount of cardio that day - treadmill at steep incline, ropes. I’m also at an age where I think I could injure myself more easily so avoid doing weights on back to back days.

But I guess do what works for you.

You have put my Jan to shame though. I did a couple of long walks on my off days (to a pizza restaurant).

Today I ran 3k before work then 5k at lunchtime (on a running machine). I reckon I’ll sleep well tonight

I also managed 20 burpees in a row yesterday too

Now, if only all that would translate into losing this spare tyre I’m carrying around at the moment


Wor Lass has broken* our bathroom scales so everyone in our house weighs 20 stone all of the time.

*she discovered they were broken so it’s definitely her fault, isn’t it?

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