Fitness and exercise thread 2023

question i don’t know where else to ask: my gym has a few pilates sessions. there is one called “beginner pilates” i am unlikely to ever be able to make. there are a few others which just say “pilates”. in the spiel it says “can be for anyone and everyone”. there is also one specifically intermediate pilates class.

you think it’ll be okay if i just rock up for a pilates class? not the specific beginners one? i’ve never done pilates before, well, i did a course of pregnancy pilates classes when i was pregnant, and i’ve been going to a tone and stretch class which feels like it might be very basic pilates for a few weeks.

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Yep, it’ll be fine - just tell the instructor and they should provide some modifications that you can choose to use or not depending on how you feel.

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Been doing a lot of weights recently and noticing some growth already. I’m exceeding 188g of protein most days without protein shakes. Is there any benefit to adding a shake a day, and if so, is there an ideal time to have it to maximise the effects? Also, any thoughts on creatine?

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This should be loads. Most people overestimate how much they need

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I was given a plan by the guy that runs the programme I’m on. So would you say there wouldn’t be much benefit in another 20g or so?

80% (in grams) of your bodyweight in pounds is what I often see touted as the ideal target. If you’re seeing growth as well then you’re probably golden. Extra 20g won’t do any harm though

something that doesn’t get mentioned much with protein is that apparently your body can only absorb quite a small amount in a single sitting (like 25g I think) so if you’re having three big meals of 60g or whatever then you’re probably not actually seeing the benefit of all that protein. shakes are good in between meals for that. or just live the dream and eat five or six smaller meals a day

Creatine is often described as the “most studied” or “most researched” supplement amongst fitnessy people. I think the general consensus is that it is proven to be beneficial when weight training as a result. It used to be absolutely dirt cheap too, as did whey protein. Probably a modest benefit at most as with most of these things though

I thought that had been largely debunked (you can only absorb so much but the rest will kind of hang around until you’re ready to absorb it)

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apparently how well creatine works is largely dependent on genetics, like some people respond a lot and some not at all, just get a little thing of it and try it for a couple of weeks and if you get stronger carry on

all it did for me was make my ankles swell up so my socks stopped fitting

Check out trucklenupple and their massive muscular ankles!


I dunno! seems like it from googling. ignore me then

from more googling it seems that people disagree about whether it’s true or not. what a country

I have right dainty feet it looked mad

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In my strength class today we had to hold a plank for one minute. Twice. Don’t think I’ve even held a plank for more than 10 seconds before. Somehow I did it. Both times?!


Reluctantly trying to start to build up core strength because I struggle doing the basic climbs at the labs.

So, I’m doing ok at this. Have run at least once most weeks, and given I tend to flake in the winter totally and then do three/four a week in the summer, I’m happy just doing something.

I’m very habit based - if I keep doing it, I find it easier to keep doing it. One of the things last year that knocked me off was going away a lot for work - not really a concern through 2020 and 2021! I always intended to take my stuff but would always flake - oh it’s just more to carry / what do I do with sweaty rank clothes / I’ll never sleep well enough to go out early etc etc

Anyway I was down in London this week and I took my stuff and I actually went for a run! And I was staying just off Tottenham Court Road, so I got to go running around all the beautiful streets and squares around Fitzrovia/Soho/Covent Garden. It was so good!


Games: 7
Goals: 12

Arrived a bit late for the game last night and didn’t really get into it properly.


got some resistance bandzzz

now I’ve got to find out all the best exercises for everything using them, but also not sure where to start with regards to resistance (as in I have three of them in different ‘weights’)

was a decision spurred on by the boost squats with my dumbell have given me in footy

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I used to do planks on the regs, but have barely done them in ages since my mh went through the floor

would do side ones with some leg raising, then a front one, 1m 45 each, but just can’t get myself back into the habit :frowning:

also used to do the ones where you stick a leg out + stick the opposite arm out, one for each side

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