Fitness and exercise thread 2024

Okay niw that ive made my living space more acceptable after 2 days of tidying and rearranging im gunna get back on the train from tomorrow onward

My cardio has gone to complete shit thankfully not lost much strength so itll suck goong in with way reduced stamina but at least i shouldnt be getting too many owies


Might sound silly but you can practice the squat with a sweeping brush, I used to use a curtain rail without the curtains. Definitely get the actual form of the movement down before trying it with a barbell - it’ll feel more natural then and you can concentrate on lifting the weight

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A week of couch to 5k done. Last night was tough. Very hilly area. SHIN BURN


I’ve not run in over a week as I didn’t want to risk injury before the DiS trip, and letting the people down who I gave lifts too.

But back to gym tomorrow and a run on Wednesday hopefully.

Knackered today.


Ooft gym was tough this morning. Didn’t do much but glad I went.

Last week:

  • Monday - bit of a walk and some gardening / DIY (I’m definitely counting that)
  • Tuesday - Cycling 6 miles, gym 40 minutes
  • Wednesday - Cycling 9 miles, gym 45 minutes
  • Thursday - Cycling 5 miles
  • Friday - Cycling 5 miles, gym 1h10m
  • Saturday and Sunday - not a lot! Bit of a wander around on the beach both days

This week has started with a bike puncture :weary: so I’ve had to drive to work so I can drive to Halfords at lunchtime.


I did three hours of weeding yesterday, and I ache all over today.

Definitely think you can count gardening as physical activity.


420 #blazeit


Week 18

:x: 2 cycles
:white_check_mark: 3 FO Inc 1 stretch total time 52 mins
:white_check_mark: Kept up leaving the house streak
:x: no weekend FO or stretch

Another meh week, going to try to really get back on it this week

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did my first deliberate run run in about 4 years yesterday. felt fine during it but my hips complain afterwards. only 2km, I’m gonna add another 1/3km each time and try to keep that same pace. hopefully I don’t give myself shin splints like I did last time I was running.


Would absolutely recommend couch 2 5k here as a a structured way to build up.

You could skip the first couple of weeks and start somewhere like 3 mins run 3 mins walk given you can do 2k on the spin already.

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Is there a 5k to 10k? Might do that. Even when I was decent at running I could never do longer distances cos I always pushed myself too hard on the first 5k, no self control

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There are several. I’ve not used one before, and so I can’t recommend one in particular, though.

Rule of thumb is add no more than 5% to your longest run, or to your total mileage per week.

And keep 80% of your miles at an easy/conversational pace.

Stick to that and you should avoid things like shin splints.

im not sure. i think im a bit fitter than that. i could do a 5k now if i kept it to 30 minute pace or something, i feel like im already being conservative.

plus im only planning on running twice a week so it would take me 3 months+ to get to the end of the program.

will give you official I Told You So license if i do end up hurting myself by being too keen tho.

Have only seen this referred to as the 10% rule rather than 5%. Other thing to note is it’s good every few weeks to have a deload week where you reduce/don’t increase your mileage, rather than having a steady increase over time.

Yeah always followed 10% myself. Would say the keys to running long without injury are

  • do your longer runs (and most of your kms) at a conversational pace
  • get a proper post-run routine (stretching, yoga, foam roller or whatever) for longer runs and fast sessions
  • lift weights

Such a great app. Used it today in fact.

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cross posting

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Did some cardio via dancing struggled at 15min mark :confused: whoopsie

Gained A LOT of weight in a short amount of time too - god dang it