Fitness and health living accountability thread (rolling)

I thought it might be a good idea to have a thread where we can post our own fitness / healthy living goals and update it with how it’s going. We can also support and motivate each other or ask questions and share knowledge/experiences.

You can use this thread for any healthy living goals you have: get fitter, go to the gym more, train for a marathon, lose weight, gain weight, build muscle, or just eat better etc.

This thread can be used however you want and as often as you like. If you want to post with how often you’ve worked out or what you’ve eaten that day then that’s cool. If you’re struggling to get motivated or stick to a routine you could post about that too.

I think it probably goes without saying but healthy action only please.

I’ll start: I have gained about 1.5 stone in the last year so I’d like to lose that. I tend to eat healthy meals but I also snack on chocolate and crisps (and I like beer but I’ve not been drinking much this year) so I want to try and cut back on that. I plan to go to the gym at least four times a week. I find that I’m really disciplined for several weeks or even months but then I just stop so I could use some support with that. Ideally I want to get to a point where I go to the gym before work (rather than after) but my sleeping has been bad lately so will need to work on that too.


I’ve put on three stone since April 2017 and have been drinking 100+ pints a month for about fourteen years bar a couple of periods of sobriety.

I keep planning on starting to exercise but i literally haven’t ran or jogged or swam for about three years.

I’m teetotal from tonight until mid July. Only nights drinking are for any big nights out that may come up.

Started taking SSRI’s in 2012 and put on about 7-8 stone as a result :+1: gonna try and come off them this summer as I need to lose weight and get back into sports, mainly for my mental health.


Looks like it, yeah. Which is actually good as access to gyms/sports clubs here is fantastic

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I’ve been doing couch to 5k for an embarrassingly long time so I signed up for a 10k in August to motivate me. This was probably a terrible idea. Also I saw a photo of myself in profile the other day and I’ve apparently developed a really weird beer gut. It looks odd. I look pretty decent front on - I had no idea how misshapen my messed up body is.

So my goals: run the 10k and not die and lose some weight. I’m cutting out the pints (just before a World Cup - genius!), cutting down on carbs and adding some skipping to my exercise routine. If this lasts a fortnight it’ll be a minor miracle.


Aw man would love to. You found some good courts your end? The ones at burgess park are good

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Going to start my diet tomorrow. I have no idea how to end the evening without eating at least 1000 calories of junk.

How do you train yourself to not be hungry?

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So far my plan is simple but hopefully should be effective:

. Two hour long walks everyday
. No junk food, drink water instead of squash (which is gross anyway, sugar makes me feel pretty grim these days)

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Also, good luck to everyone else with your health journey x

(Great thread idea too @shes_so_high)


Just do what feels good, treat yourself with love & affection and care for your wellbeing in all its forms

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It’s mad how the body adjusts to big decreases in salt and sugar. At my worst i eat every hour or so. Genuinely woof down sandwiches and crisps and sugary drinks all day. Always hungry, like proper need to eat or lie down cravings for food. But if i can eat clean for a week (fish, white meat, eggs, veg, fruit, water) i’ll stick to it and can honestly make do with nothing but a salad until teatime.


On my 30th consecutive day of doing some form of exercise. Not much, like, recently those days have just been a few push ups or whatever.

Better than nothing I guess though and having that chain of blue boxes is keeping me at it.


yeah a couple of years ago I almost completely gave up snacking.

I’m not sure if I stopped feeling hungry or sort of trained myself to ignore the feeling.

I definitely knew I was empty a lot of the time.

Overweight and worried my nutrition is coming from the same limited sources. Feel like I have hit a rut where I care very little about cooking meals with new, fresh ingredients, and instead plump for convenience and prepare something that’s quick and I know how to cook.

Read a few things over the weekend that I want to let influence my food habits. Feel free to critique them as I am unaware of their worth.

  1. ‘Everything in moderation’ is as good as advice on nutrition as you will ever receive
  2. Making exceptions for occasions is a dangerous game as you more readily look for exceptions in every situation

The mental and physical stress, and time demands of doing all the house stuff means I’ve dropped pretty much any kind of training. Need to get back into training 5 days a week.

I have dedicated exercise space at home now so I’ve got no excuse.

I’ve got a longer walk to work now too, which should help.

i had a sausage for breakfast


Like just about every other parent I know with a child of the same age, I’ve fallen into the trap of cracking open a tinny literally the second I get my bairn down for the night. It can’t be healthy to have a drink every night and although I don’t drink heavily any more, like I used to, I am definitely drinking small amounts far too often. so I’m going to try to go for a walk with my friend a couple of nights a week, once our kids are down, so that we can get fresh air and exercise and we shall not stop by the old inn for a half pint on the way back home from the main bit our hike.


This is a problem for me too. Snacking is the main thing messing me up, but I honestly can’t remember the last day I didn’t have at least one alcoholic drink. I’m not having sessions, I can’t handle them anymore, but like you said - small and far too often.