Fitness and health living accountability thread (rolling)


I love Bulk Powders. Not seen this one before though! VG.


it’s so good


Ordering now.

Their NAC powder has sorted my sinus problems like nothing else I’ve tried in 15 miserable, nasally agonising, years. Protein stuff looks fab!


I usually just get their whey protein, it’s pretty cheap compared to everywhere else. this time got some angel delight and some pancake mix too just for a laugh.




what does the whey taste like, and what do you have to mix it with? I’ve got a total repulsion to so many, and the one I tolerate best is salted caramel by protein world/ slender blend, but its composition isn’t ideal.


they’ve got a million different flavours. chocolate & vanilla are pretty safe, but I thought tiramisu was decent. I usually mix it up with almond milk / flax seed. tastes fine with just water too.

I’d like a coffee one but haven’t seen that so far


Fancy getting some of this for after hard bike rides. I’m right in thinking it would help recovery right?


yeah. carbs to replace energy but protein to help yr muscles innit.


Thought so :+1:


Day 20: 71.3kg -0.3 from yesterday (-2.3 kg overall)


Hungry now though… and wfh, which makes me more inclined to mess up. At least I have a lot of healthy food in the fridge and a bunch of apples. GBOA. Tomorrow is “weekly weigh in” day and although my target is 70.6kg (don’t think this is possible unless I starve myself today, won’t be doing that) I won’t be upset if I can get down to 71.1kg.

In addition, I’ve been allowed to cut down on my dose of antipsychotic, which should help my metabolism a bit :slight_smile:

Happy Friday everyone!


Gonna have a good September.


Aww mate. Really sorry x


Morning all. Been a bit checked out - moved house 150 miles, so yeah - but exercise was low on my mind, as was eating well. Binged quite a bit.

But moving a three bed house apparently is a work out, so after not spinning for four weeks and not really eating well at all, I’m at 188, still down 20lbs.

So now going to aim for 175lb lean.


Ate too much dinner last night, out on the beers the night before, back to 11st 7. Must do better next week.


Did anyone see the Chiles documentary about booze?

Watched it last night. Really rung home with me. Especislly the bit about people making their own rules and always making sure they’re on the right side of them - ‘i don’t drink at home’, ‘i don’t drink during the day’, 'i don’t drink every day, ‘i still exercise’, ‘i don’t drink alone’, ‘i don’t drink hard alcohol’, etc, etc.

Also felt serious pangs at the part where someone said we become pre-programmed to associate positive memories with alcohol, which seems obvious, but at the same time…didn’t, idk.


I really didn’t like bulk powders vegan blend. I have a whole bag in my cupboard if anyone wants it?

I’m all about the protein works diet vegan in choc silk. All other flavours are crap!


Yeah I thought it was good and that Chiles was a very likeable guide through it all.

Amazing he was packing away 80 units a week without noticing but then again that’s what the programme was about eh…


It was on for two minutes while I was looking for something else to watch in and in that time my wife said: “Hey, this sounds like you”, so no, I will not be watching any more of it.


Day 4
Weight 67.9 (-0, - 600g total)
Calories eaten : 1800?
Dinner : leftover burger with reblechon cheese*, wedges, corn, salad (1000 calories estimated, possibly fewer),
No booze

Edit : I blame @jordan_229 for the onions on this and by extension the entire meal. Cheers jordo :grin:

*because why not