Fitness and health living accountability thread (rolling)


See, i think that’s easily done. It’s only two nights out a week and a couple of shorter post-work drinks. Most beers nowadays are over 2.5 units a pint rather than two.

The amount of people who drink something every day, or virtually every day’s pretty scary. I used to spent £500 a month on booze on average, which i find pretty embarrassing now, tbh.


Oh sure - what I was taken aback by was how Chiles was surprised at how heavily he was drinking. Although many people will drink almost every day and put away quite a bit, most of those will know or be aware that they’re “heavy” drinkers and their unit totals probably wouldn’t be as surprising. Could be wrong of course, there is a heavy denialism at work when it comes to alcohol (myself included)


I do think the recommended units are bollocks, generally. Admittedly i’m not a medical expert, and they’ll go in low, but 5.5 pints of strong beer a week, or 7 pints of standard beer does seem very low. I think you can probably double that and still be healthy. I know a study only last week said something to the contrary, and it probably differs by person and secondary factors. Then again, as above, people will always make excuses.


Yeah… sort of. So the Lancet study recently (which is methodologically a bit suss owing to the data collected coming from many different sources etc.) does almost back up the government’s weekly unit recommendation (14 units). The devil is in the detail though - what the government are saying is that 14 units is the base at which you’re not at risk of developing an alcohol-based health problem. The Lancet study contradicts this by saying ALL alcohol consumption carries a risk but every single activity on earth does (like using scissors) so that’s a bit of a misnomer.

So drinking twice the recommended amount (28 units) means you’re at increased risk of an alcohol related health problem. But it’s an increased risk from zero so the risk is still incredibly low. I think the study was basically saying at at 14 units or so 6 in every 10,000 people will develop an alcohol based health problem, but following the curve along to say 28 units this increases to 14 in every 10,000 will develop an alcohol based health problem. The increased risk is very small.

That said once you’re in 50 unit+ territory the curve increases pretty steeply.


DAY 30:

Water and lemon

Crushed potatoes
Water and lemon

Root veg mash
Water and lemon


Booze: None

Exercise: None

Loss: 2lbs
Total loss: 15lbs
Of target: 100%


Reckon the trick’s definitely no carbs after lunch, even if you pile them up beforehand. I’d been having two carby meals a day and only lost a pound over nine days.

Going to up the target to 14st 7 from tomorrow.


congrats :+1:


Well done man - feels good don’t it?


Thanks to @shes_so_high for convincing me to ditch the cordials. Mad how much of the stuff i was getting through. Been squeezing a couple of lemons into a big bottle every night, topping up with water and chilling it. Seriously nice stuff when cold.


Ahhh amazing! Well done!


good work :+1:

you reckon this way of eating and stuff is the new norm, or is it a temporary shift some weight kind of deal?


brilliant work


This is so good! Rooting for you bro!


lemon water is the absolute best, def. don’t have it just before/after a teeth clean, mind


how do you make it?


literally just want bug said up there ^


sounds pretty easy.

Maybe I should try it.

Is it better than just water?


if you like lemons, and you loved water, you’ll go bananas - or more accurately lemons - for lemon water


I’ve never had a lemon.

Bit afraid it might not be nice


have you ever had a slice of lemon in something?


I don’t think so? Maybe like in a coke or something but you can never really taste that