Fitness and health living accountability thread (rolling)


i reckon maybe try a slice of lemon in water first, with ice, and see how that feels




This might sound sarcastic or patronising, but it’s not and it’s meant sincerely.

I find it incredible how many things that people talk about that you haven’t done, which means that you’ll get to experience them for the first time in adulthood and properly appreciate them.

One of the joys of parenthood is living vicariously through your kids as they experience things for the first time, but you’re getting that first hand.


I expect it will have to be somewhere in the middle. Now that i feel i’ve sort of realigned my metabolism probably look to increase calories a bit, try and get in the habit of eating more substantial breakfasts, a bit more fish, swap some of the fruit for veg, etc.

I’ve been following a coeliac diet on the whole. I feel brilliant. Not every day, but my symptoms were severe. I was basically a step off being suicidal and hadn’t been able to work since Christmas. Five or six days a week i’d be in agony and struggle to walk to the end of the street. Now i have about one bad day a week. I’ve not been diagnosed yet but either way i think i’d be mad not to continue cutting out the gluten.

Thing is, dairy’s apparently pretty vital to a coeliac diet, and my bad days seem to coincide with dairy. Long-term i’ll have to work out how or if i can cut both out. I’d like to cut meat out as well, but one step at a time. I don’t know how realistic a meat, dairy and gluten-free diet is.

Ultimately, it will depend if i can stay tee-total. If i fell off the wagon tonight i’d put that stone back on within a week.

Thanks, m9tes. It really is the daily moral support that makes the difference.


I like that youre realistic about things, willing to change and progress and open to learn along the way whilst listening to what your body is telling you; I think this will help you in the future.

its really good its having physical and MH improvements alongside the weight loss.

really good work man, best of luck with it all in the future :+1:


Friday 31 August:

Today: -0.6
Total: -2.9


Day 21: 71.0kg -0.3 from yesterday (-2.6kg overall)

Yay again! My target for three weeks was to lose 3kg but I’m not displeased with -2.6kg, I’m not a million miles off.

Bring on 70kg!


Weirdly I know a couple who eat a diet of that sort, because he can’t have gluten and she’s vegan. They make it work at home - I can ask them for an example of their week’s eating if it’d give you an idea of how possible it is


That would be great, yeah, thanks.

I’ve read that Osteoperosis is a potential long-term issue with a gluten-free diet, so they advise people to up their dairy intake.


Personally i found gluten, dairy and meat free too restrictive and started eating meat again, but certainly some people make it work. It’s probably much easier now than when i developed food intolerances over 10 years ago as vegan and gluten free diets are more mainstream now so there are more options and free from foods are much better quality


The things that are gluten free and dairy free in shops are mostly sweet things which are obvs then laden with sugar.
I guess you’d just have to cook all meals from scratch and you’d really struggle to eat out or even grab a sandwich


the really sad thing is that when you become an adult you realise most new things are mostly the same and don’t really fix the crushing existential loneliness you feel :wink:


We’re pretty much completely gluten and dairy free and probably only eat fish/meat a couple of times a day.

Did you say you’re trying to avoid carbs after lunch? That makes it a bit harder, but veg curries/chillies/paellas/stews can go a long way towards making it work. We’ll have semi-regularly crudites with homemade dips for tea too.


I like sweet things that are laden with sugar :frowning:
When i first cut out gluten and dairy, the free from range was soy milk, crackers made of puffed corn and tiny, dry, rock hard loaves of sliced bread. It is a lot better now.


:face_vomiting:I’ve also got a bag of disgusting phd vegan blend in banana flavour that gives me the boke.


Nothing wrong with sugar but it’s not helpful to consume in your savoury things if you’re trying to lose weight.

Oh yeah it’s miles better now. I just imagine it would be hard to get enough calories in to sustain you. If I didn’t have carbs, I wouldn’t have anything to eat apart from salad


one of our french pals who’s a genuinely-nearly-dies celiac was giddy with excitement this year when she came and saw all the gluten free bits in sainsburys. France’s selection pales by comparison even in the more progressive cities


You’re allowed potatoes and rice, so you just substitute pasta and bread, etc, for those.

I’ve found it a really healthy diet so far, but i’ve ignored a lot of the GF products. I went to a mate’s house the other day and he follows a similar diet and was giving me biscuits, bread, wine and telling me about coleiac curries takeaways, etc.


I dont really care about my weight or being fat I just want to be fit :frowning:

I sprained my ankle really badly a month ago and it’s still too weak to run or put any pressure on it.

I also find getting into proper exercise really really hard. Today I feel completely exhausted and dizzy. I’m in a good mood and there’s nothing wrong with me but it’s like my body needs the weekend to recover from working Monday-Friday.

I’d love to be able to get into a routine of exercising but it’s just not possible right now and I know it’s making me even more unfit :frowning:


Can I use this thread to document my PBs?

I managed to squat 40kg today! Tried to do 50kg but could only manage 3 squats :joy: