Fitness and health living accountability thread (rolling)


do you have any tips at all? you seem to be really into exercise. does that come naturally?


I have the same issues, it feels like I need to rest from just ‘normal’ things and can’t get into exercising at all.

Tbh, I’ve barely ever exercised. I used to cycle a bit when I was a teenager but I haven’t had a bike for ages and got discouraged anyway from idiot boys shouting nasty things at me. I did quite good for a little while doing 15 minutes of yoga most mornings when I was, I dunno, about 21? So ages ago, don’t really have the space to do that at the moment.

I’m probably just lazy.


I think - for me at least - it’s a psychological thing. I often feel exhausted and like I don’t want to go to the gym but I force myself to go and tell myself even if I only do 15 minutes it’s better than nothing. When I get there I get into it and stay for longer. Afterwards I feel much better for going so then next time I don’t feel like going I tell myself how much better I’ll feel once I’ve been.


have you checked you’re getting the levels of energy and specific things you need for your current diet? it’s kind of nuts how much certain absences can completely make exercise feel really, really crap.


It’s natural. Exercise is horrible. It’s hard, tires you out, makes you sweaty, dehydrated and impacts on the limbs. The vast majority of people don’t enjoy it at first. Let’s be honest, if we didn’t have to exercise for whatever reason none of us would, but it’s just a case of finding the right type and tempo and level of variation for you, isn’t it, and if you can do that you’ll find the seretonin boost outweighs the tiredness. Some people don’t get there, though. I don’t really.

Maybe it might make more sense to exercise during the week and use the weekends for relaxation? Maybe a swim after work every other day or something, as much for a head-clearer as anything else. It can be hard, can’t it. When i finish work i can barely stand up some days. People’s work:life balance can be fucked on the whole.


Yeah, thought it was really interesting.

I know myself that I’ve cut down on booze loads in the last couple of years. I still love a big drink but I’ll rarely go above 14 units in a week and often lower. I rarely drink midweek now too.

We’ve said this in other threads but I am fully conflicted by how harmful booze is compared to how much I like drinking it.


It’s just about finding something you like which annoyingly takes a lot of trial and error. I’ve tried so many gym classes and running and all sorts to find that I actually don’t like cardio too much and I prefer to lift weights

Once you find something that’s fun and then you see results, it won’t feel so hard any more but you’ve got to push through that part where it feels difficult because every single person you see in a gym or working out has been there. No one just picks up some form of exercise and go “oh this is great and I’m so good at it and I love it and it’s easy and I’m so fit now”. Everyone has struggled mentally and physically so find their thing!

Do you have a cheap gym you can join? Or any local classes?
As much as I love my weight lifting on my own, I love my group class I do cause it’s so fun. Same with spinning. It’s just a fun party!


Oh and no it NEVER came naturally. I’ve only really got into it in the last 2 years. Before that I’d go through phases of different gyms and different classes and patches of not wanting to go. I’ve never been into any sport at all and I’m not sporty or active until I was mid 20s really. I still sometimes have weeks where I’m just not into it. I ain’t feeling it. But I still go because it helps my MH and it has massively warmed off my migraines.


DAY 31:

Water and lemon

Tinned tuna
Water and lemon


Spicy pork chops

Booze: None

Exercise: 90 minutes brisk walking

Loss: +1lb (the late night chops have done me there)
Total loss: 14lbs
Of target: 48%



Two slices of toast and some tomatoes and rocket
A can of irn bru


Late night chops have been the undoing of many a good man.


Saturday 1 September:

Today: +0.4
Total: -2.5

Had to prevent a meltdown at the supermarket so bought myself a pizza. Did not enjoy it one bit. Legs were too dead for a proper walk, too. Ah well, onwards and downwards.


Day 22: 70.9kg -0.1 from yesterday (-2.7kg overall)

Slowly does it, feels good to see that number 70 on the scales. Feel like I should have lost more as I didn’t eat that much yesterday but then again it might have been that sweet potato for dinner.


Obviously not over the last thirty days but at the lightest I’ve been in well over five years (from a high of 13st 3) and also lifting the most I’ve ever done. So really happy with that.


DAY 32:

Water and lemon

Golden rice
Water and lemon

Tinned tuna
Broad beans
Water and lemon

Water and lemon

Booze: None

Exercise: None

Loss: +2lbs (all going to pot)
Total loss: 12lbs
Of target: 41%


hang in there buddy!!!


I have the same problem
my muscles and joints are shit too, already injured myself playing squash and had to take 2 weeks off :frowning:
playing again today and worried it’ll flare up again


Scales are rubbish.

The other day they said 15st 12lbs, so i moved them and they said 15st 5lbs, then 15st 7lbs.


Thing is, I love playing sports. Always really enjoy running around throwing things and hitting things.

It’s just finding the time and the people and the energy.


Sunday 2 September:

Today: +0.2
Total: -2.3

So weekends are a problem for me. Too much time to think about things and get bolts of depression. Didn’t have my dog for this weekend which hasn’t helped - would normally do 4x that amount of walking on a weekend. The positive is that as I haven’t had my dog I’ve been able to get the house completely sorted - always find it easier to stick to a healthy lifestyle when my living space is tidy and clean. No update tomorrow as I’m away with work.