Fitness and health living accountability thread (rolling)


yeah. another reason why weighing yourself every day is kinda pointless imo.

as long as it’s trending down over weeks or months then you’re good.


Day 23: 70.8kg -0.1 from yesterday (-2.8kg overall)

A loss is a loss is a loss! Bring on that -3kg mark!


Had a bit of a blow out at the weekend - gf cooked a curry, then went out for dinner, went to the pub, cooked a big Sunday roast…

Not gonna weigh myself yet as its back to square one most likely, but i had fun so that’s also important.

Although I did walk 18 holes of golf (tory) so must’ve burned off at least 200kcal doing that!


If you carry your bag then playing 18 holes of golf can burn about 1,500 calories!


weighed in at 11st 7 on Friday, ate loads of pizza at the weekend, weighed 11st 3 this morning :man_shrugging:


Love those socks though


Day 24: 70.5kg -0.3 from yesterday (-3.1kg overall)

Yes! 3kg down! And I thought I ate too much yesterday…

Seems like it works to nibble a little on healthy snacks and then not be starving in the evening so just something small fills me up? Who knows. What a game, huh?


Great work GP x


squats felt amazing yesterday after i had foam rolled the shit out of my legs that morning so decided i was going to foam roll them every morning from now on

day one: didn’t bother



I had my first weigh-in and measurements since starting with my PT about six weeks ago and apparently I’ve lost half a stone but my electric scales reckon i haven’t even lost a kg? The weight isn’t really important as I’m visibly losing fat and gaining muscle but it’s a bit demoralising not seeing the numbers go down.


have been figuring out what i can and can’t do with the ol’ rib situation. turns out pushups are doable, which is weird. not a shred of pain whatsoever. squats weirdly not tho


Forgot to post because of work, so the first of two…

DAY 33:

Water and lemon

Tinned tuna
Baby potatoes

Chicken tikka breast
Mexican rice

Booze: None

Exercise: None

Loss: 2lbs
Total loss: 14lbs
Of target: 48%


800m, 400m, 400m tonight three times, with a 90 second pause between each rep. Went too fast at the start and nosedived towards the end, but I’m still running with people these days who were lapping me two months before, which is encouraging.

My fitness has certainly improved immensely since I joined the club, and diet has improved as well…lost around a stone or so I reckon and hovering around the 93kg mark. However, I still have a big problem with booze and fags. I don’t smoke when im not drinking anymore, however I’m basically drinking most evenings. This obviously, is not very good.

Anyone have any tips on how to knock this shit on the head? I’m tried to start instigating Monday as a sober day, and that’s been ok recently, but not drinking one day a week isn’t exactly good at all. any advice to rein in the drink?


How are you finding your PT?

I mentioned up thread that I’m heavy but I’m the smaller and more toned than when I was about 10 stone. I’m classed as overweight for my height! Maybe if you want to see numbers, measuring your thighs/hips/stomach may be better to see inch loss?


Was chatting to a mate about this during the cricket the other day. It’s quite often easier to knock it on the head totally for a period than to cut back. Something will always encourage you to have a beer or 2 (bad day, in from exercising so have earnt it, not had a drink for a day, so will have one tonight…)

I’m trying to do the same as you, without the fitness, and find having a herbal tea or 2 in the evening works well for me. And going to bed around 10 helps me too (less chance to stay up and have a beer). Not having any in the house as well takes the temptation away. Sure other people will have different advice though and it’s a pretty personal thing.


Yeah my PT measured me at my first session and then again yesterday and I’ll lost a few cm off my waist and hips (and gained 1 cm on my arms) so it might just be my scales.

She’s got me using this app where I log my food and exercise and she can see it all, which is good at keeping me on track. The most important thing is that I feel more confident about going into the weights bit of the gym and my PT is dead motivating. She said she was really proud of me yesterday :sob:


I gave up smoking over 2 years ago and reckon it was about 5/10 hard. Like, I had to concentrate on it to succeed but didn’t actually find it too traumatic.

I haven’t tried to completely stop drinking yet but have wanted to cut down since about Xmas and am finding it a out 9/10 hard.

It’s so much harder to stop something that has an almost instant tangible effect (the alcohol ‘high’), rather than smoking which I knew was pointless and harmful before I even started at age 16.

Sorry if this is glib and unhelpful, just giving my experience.


DAY 34:

Water and lemon

Root veg mash
Water and lemon


Chicken tikka breast
Sweetcorn rice
Water and lemon

Booze: None

Exercise: None

Loss: -
Total loss: 14lbs
Of target: 48%


I was still just the wrong side of 90kg this weekend. I’ve had a load of food and 17 units of booze since then.

I’m not drinking enough water.


So so so bad for this