Fitness and health living accountability thread (rolling)


For sure, and hope your efforts pay off man. I appreciate the advice. I’ve never had herbal tea before actually, I should prob look into that.

I am planning a complete cessation period; my birthday is at the end of sept and I have a half marathon two weeks later, so I plan to be completely done with both for that fortnight. Aye deffo a personal experience for everyone, but sharing is caring and all that.


Nah all good man. Honestly I thought it would be hard to not smoke when sober, but to be honest it was easy. Just stopped one day. The issue I have is the association (my mental one anyway) between booze and fags, and I believe knocking the former on the head to an extent will most definitely make the latter easier to drop. Agree though, I don’t think quitting will be hard, just the association I have


Day 25: 70.3kg -0.2 from yesterday (-3.3kg overall)

:slight_smile: another success, hoorah! This week is going well, long may it last. Feel a bit like what I am eating has become more habit and less of a restriction.

Next week will be a huge challenge for me as I’m away with work and we’ll eat out for every meal. Also won’t be able to weigh myself every day. Hoping to stick to the salads but I know I’ll be tempted by something delicious. Any tips for this, apart from telling yourself that it’s worth it?


I’d say don’t beat yourself up about it. There’s are going to be times when you can’t stick to your rules - like Christmas for example - and as long as you follow your rules the rest of the time, that’s fine.

if you’re away with work, are you at a hotel where there’s a gym where you could try and work off some of the extra food you could potentially eat? Last time I was away I managed a few sessions on the running machine.


I don’t think you can make too much of a big deal to friends, partners, colleagues, etc, about trying to improve your health. Like on here the moral support’s vital. Last time i lost weight (heh) i said to my workmates ‘look, i know you’ll take the piss on occasion, but not having a balanced diet and boozing too much is effecting my mental health, so…’ and they were cool - didn’t ask if i ever wanted in on a takeaway, and stopped asking me for post-work drinks (my biggest vice has always been not being able to say no to a pint). I reckon whatever awkwardness arises from those conversations is in the long-term preferable to the disappointment of not seeing progress.

Then again, that’s me, we’re all different. Some people might find it easier to have, say, one cheat day a week, or one night on the booze without a second and third following. For me a work dinner, especially if was paid for, would be the ultimate test, saying no to free beer, etc…


DAY 35:

Water and lemon

Chicken tikka breast
Lime rice
Water and lemon


Chicken tikka breast
Water and lemon

Booze: None

Exercise: None

Loss: -
Total loss: 14lbs
Of target: 48%

Going to try and make sure i do an hour of exercise a day. Feel grotty but maybe it will help. Keep saying it but want to cut out any starchy carbs after lunch as well.


this is where things always go to shit for me. i’ve no idea how to cope. i usually end up drinking loads which obviously doesn’t help but eating out all the time is hard to do healthily.

like obviously it can be done, but it’s fucking difficult


Yeah I have no idea how I’ll cope either. Even with the buffet breakfast every morning! Hope I can load up on fruit and yoghurt.

I don’t think alcohol will be a problem for me as I don’t drink a lot anyway, and I’ll be needing to do a fair amount of work so won’t want to have the slightest hangover. Also hate hate hate the thought of being drunk around my colleagues, even though on the whole they are a GBOL.

Basically thinking if I manage to not put on any weight during the week it’ll be a success.


I feel so much more confident now I’ve been doing PT. I feel like I am allowed in the weights space now and don’t feel intimidated at all!

I think I may pay my trainer just to compliment me. I’m glad you’re enjoying it! It’s the best thing I’ve ever done


I bench pressed 40kg! :muscle:t2:



need to go for that deadlift pr next! :smile:


Woohoo! Well done!


Day 26: 70.1kg -0.2 from yesterday (-3.5kg overall)

Bring on 69kg! :slight_smile:

Being less than 70 will boost my self-esteem a bit I think. When it happens I think I’m going to squeeze on my jeans again and see if the weight loss has made a difference there.

Happy Thursday everyone!


Been quite good with my walking recently. Dunno how many steps that is


DAY 36:

Water and lemon

Water and lemon

Water and lemon

Water and lemon

Booze: None

Exercise: 45 minute brisk walk

Loss: 2lbs
Total loss: 16lbs
Of target: 55%


Does anywhere sell big bags of felafel, fresh or frozen?

Never seen 'em.


Just go back to the main activity page and go into steps rather than distance.


Closest I’ve seen is the fresh stuff in Aldi which is £1.39 a pack (9 falafels) or something. It’s not the best, mind.


How big? My local Sainsbury’s does a bunch of different types in the chilled section - reckon the largest pack is maybe 15.


Got a decent takeaway or restaurant near you that would sell you some?