Fitness and health living accountability thread (rolling)



Bags of 100 frozen at my local iraqi/middle eastern wholesalers

Iraqi Bakery sim sim near me sells frozen too (bags of 20), but do platters of 30 with bread and salad and that. My mate saj and I got one and only got 2/3rrd through before succumbing to e chickpea coma (bloody tasty fhough)

Basically, try at your local me places?

Or make em and freeze em yourself if your looking to just have stock?


Day 27: 70.3kg +0.2 from yesterday (-3.3kg overall)

boo. so wanted to wake up today and have hit 69.something.

must have been that rice i instantly gobbled when i got in from work yesterday, for the first time on this diet i was absolutely starving and couldn’t help myself. need to make sure that i don’t get so hungry, more apples in the afternoon and such.

my adjusted target for tomorrow is 70.0kg (1kg/week). fingers crossed i can make it!


Classic Saj!


didnt we all




3rd month: 3kg down

11kg total. wanted to hit 12, so that it worked out at 1kg/wk but oh well.

it’s three calendar months not 12 weeks anyway so fuck it


ELEVEN KGS? That’s incredible. Nice work.


That’s the equivalent weight saving of upgrading from 105 to ultegra 33 times. Nice.


i measure each week’s progress in bidons


this is my personal favourite POTW


7kg in a month is ridiculous tbh


Just found out today he’s got a third kid on the way! Classic saj!


DAY 37:

Coffee x 2

Coffee x 2

Root veg mash


Booze: None

Exercise: 30 minute brisk walk

Loss: 1lb
Total loss: 17lbs
Of target: 59%


Day 28: 70.4kg +0.1 from yesterday (-3.2kg overall)

think i got away lightly there as i ate a bunch of crap yesterday.

3.2kg in four weeks. very slow going i think, but it’s worth it. there won’t be any updates for a week now as i’ll be away for work and i’ll have no scales. as i’ve said upthread, bit worried about it, but if i can come back not having put on any weight then i’ll be happy. if i lose any it’ll be a miracle.

have fun without me and keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


You’re doing just great! The average person can only really lose between 0.5-2 lbs of fat per week (total weight would include muscle/water weight too) so it’s not slow at all. :slight_smile:


DAY 38:

Black tea

Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate


Booze: None

Exercise: 30 minute brisk walk

Loss: +1lb
Total loss: 16lbs
Of target: 55%

Got flu so happy enough with my gorge. Very nearly ordered a pizza and a load of beers.


I’m counting this morning as a 90kg weigh-in.

Next milestone switches measurement units and is set at 14 stone.


Finding it really hard today. Such a wet blanket. As soon as a few sniffles come on i just want to feel sorry for myself and lie in bed drinking and ordering Uber Maccies.


First beer in nearly six weeks.

What a prick.