Fitness and health living accountability thread (rolling)


Don’t worry pal. It doesn’t undo any hard work. You’re doing fucking superbly.


So a week later because my mental health isn’t really in a place to be doing every day. I’ve had a number of very major slips which I don’t seem to be able to control, so I’m trying to balance it out by fasting for 18-24hrs afterwards. It’s probably not especially healthy, but it’s the only way in going to lose weight at the moment.

This week: -2.0
Total: -4.3


11 st 3 lb this morning, which isn’t too bad after a weekend where I drunk loads on Friday and also had a massive roast yesterday. No social plans for this week, so fingers crossed I might get below 11 stone by next weekend.


Strict overhead pressed 90kg for 3 solid reps today and want to brag if thats ok

Hope everyones journey is going well!


that’s loads


Fucking hell - that’s my weight.

I weigh loads.


That’s like my target weight :disappointed_relieved:


Genuinely chuffed at moving the weight

Watched a whole load of Clarence kennedy (absolute beast olympic lifter and all round nice guy) videos in the morning and just got super hyped to lift big.


So I’m about to start gong to a gym that also has a sauna and steam room. Does anyone else use these after a workout and what is your routine? What benefits do you experience?


With the steam room you’ve got to master the art of the foot check. The hand check’s too risky, and the straight sit-down never works out well.


What is this? Some kind of etiquette? I just want to sit in a room full of steam and not talk to anyone.


DAY 39 (Sat):

Hot chocolate

Baby potatoes
Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate

Hot choclate

Booze: None

Exercise: None

Loss: +1lb
Total loss: 15lbs
Of target: 52%


I regret writing that now - we’re all aiming for appropriate targets for our body sizes, not someone else’s.


DAY 40:


Baby potatoes (whole bag)
Scotch eggs x 2
Pringles (Tube)
Beers x 5
Hot Chocolate x 4
Cordial x 3

Booze: See above.

Exercise: Yeah right.

Loss: +1lb
Total loss: 14lbs
Of target: 48%

Ah well. Start again today. No biggy.


he’s fucking amazing. love watching him clean insane weights.

he’s got some stuff on the youtube about lifting while vegan too @meowington


speak for yourself i want to be aquaman


I’m in love with him

He’s dreamy

And that accent


you’re a new dad - pretty soon you’ll be able to start my diet where I lost about a stone and a half.

I’d go for a walk with Jimbo. He’d spit his dummy out. I’d clean it in my mouth before giving it back to him. The effect was similar to eating some dodgy prawns :confused:


Just watched a video of him talking about his daily food with 240g of protein.

also it looks so ridiculous the bar looks like it’s gonna snap when he’s got those mental heavy weights on it :smiley:


Don’t worry I didn’t take it to heart!