Fitness and health living accountability thread (rolling)


The bar and weights bouncing off his clavicle as he stands in cleans is how I get my kicks


I use the sauna at my gym about half the time I go (depends if I shower at the gym or at home). I love a sauna and it always makes me feel really good after.


Yes! Read this the other day, and am trying to make time to use the sauna!

Article Highlights

  • Finnish sauna bathing, which is characterized by exposure to high environmental temperature (80°C-100°C) for a brief period, has traditionally been used for the purposes of pleasure and relaxation.
  • Beyond pleasure and relaxation, emerging evidence suggests that sauna bathing has several health benefits, which include reduction in the risk of vascular diseases such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease (CVD), stroke, and neurocognitive diseases; nonvascular conditions such as pulmonary diseases including common flu; mortality; treatment of specific skin conditions; as well as pain in conditions such as rheumatic diseases and headache.
  • The physiological responses produced by an ordinary sauna bath correspond to those produced by moderate- or high-intensity physical activity such as walking.
  • The beneficial effects of sauna baths on CVD and mortality may be mediated via reduction in blood pressure, improvement in endothelial function, reduction in oxidative stress and inflammation, beneficial modulation of the autonomic nervous system, improved lipid profile and arterial compliance, and improvement in the cardiorespiratory system.
  • Sauna bathing is a safe activity and can even be used in patients with stable CVD, provided it is used sensibly for an appropriate period of time.


Has anyone tried Body Balance before? I’ve been twice now and I think I really like it!


Wor Lass goes and really likes it.


As much as i like a sauna, it’s mad that they’re a thing really given how nitpicky some health and safety laws are. Literally a pile of hot coals in the corner of a room. Whenever i’m in one i’m quietly thinking that one slip when getting up might mean the end of my face.



Who would have thought that something suggested by Jordan Peterson turned out to be a load of horse shit? With any luck though, maybe all his fans will follow it and do themselves a mischief.


In other news, 11st 2lb this morning. I can get under 11 stone by the end of the week again - I know I can!


I actually listened to the JRE episode where he talks about it and he doesn’t suggest it to anyone or even recommend it (he says this many times). He just talks about it. I think it’s his daughter who’s more of an advocate for it.

I mean fair play if it’s sorted out a bunch of health problems for him but I’m not sure why anyone else would willingly give it a go other than as a last resort.


(neither him nor his daughter have lived on a diet of solely beef, salt and water at any time. They are lying for attention)


Pretty funny if it bungs up a load of alt right goons trying to copy it though I guess


DAY 41:

Managed to get back on track so happy with that. Falling off the wagon almost certainly increases the likelihood of more beers, but good that one bad day hasn’t auomatically meant a second and third.

Baby potatoes
Hot chocolate



Booze: None

Exercise: 30 mins brisk walk

Loss: 1lb
Total loss: 15lbs
Of target: 52%


Just been in Barcelona and felt like a right fat bastard. :unamused: Knocked off 4kg a few months back, then returned to some bad habits. Definitely committing to the gym.


tl;dr beef toots


do you think they draw straws around the office about who has to do each new fad diet?


my watch somehow reset itself and has wiped 4,000 steps off my daily total :angry:

so I’m sitting here swinging it back and forth to cheat the numbers back up to where they were



The battery died on my watch yesterday just before I climbed the volcano, properly irked by that.


what are you (/everyone) using?

I got a free one of these a few months back

and its legit good at fitness tracking, with boss battery life


how’d you score that for free?

I’ve got a garmin 235. bought it when I started running but I almost never run these days. mainly use it for recording hikes. only recently started taking any notice of the step tracker on it and its quite annoying because now I have to wear it ALL THE TIME