Fitness and health living accountability thread (rolling)


Fitbit Versa. Switched to it because you can swim/shower with it on.


Fitbit Charge HR.

I could probably do more with it than I do - I don’t do any of the food tracking or body fat %age tracking.


I’ve got quite in alcohol free, or very low alcohol, lagers. They really do scratch the itch for me. The 2% Small Beer lager is great, as is the Sainsbos own 0% one. Get in from work or gym, crack an ice cold bottle of that, neck it - it really does make me not crave a ‘proper’ beer. What that says about my psychological attachment to alcohol probably isn’t… great, but at least I know I’m not racking up crazy units by just drinking in my house anymore.

Hate to say it, but this article in the Guardian was pretty good.


I’ve been having a couple of booze free days a week all year (with remarkably few cheats) and have tried quite a few NA beers. Becks is perfectly fine, San Miguel is decent, Bavaria is a bit sweet, Bud Prohibition tastes a bit like nail polish but I kind of like it, not tried Heineken yet of the widely available ones. Erdinger tastes like bran flakes, very much an acquired taste. They definitely scratch the itch, especially when cold. Like you say, there’s a psychological aspect to it that I’ve yet to address, but I really like beer.


Yep. Pretty much.


Becks seems to be ubiquitous and I think I just got bored of it. Will keep an eye out for the San Miguel one - not seen that. Also had quite a nice one from M&S. Think it was the Southwold Pale Ale.


kinda want one now


Waitrose has San Miguel I think.

There’s an Adnams Ghost Ship low alcohol which I’m keen to try, and Thornbridge Big Easy. I’m generally not fussed by “craft” NA beers though, I drink craft for the taste and NA will never quite taste as good as I want. Same with table beers almost, Any beers below 3% taste a bit watery to me, might as well just have a Bud Light at 3.5% which at least tastes as it was meant to, not aping something else and failing.


It’s definitely psychological to a degree. I find that low alcohol beers, like table beers, etc, 2.5%ish, hit the spot and get me drunk at the same rate as 4%-4.5%ish beers, which makes no sense, and even less so when 5.5%+ beers get me plastered very quickly.

It’s like the sort of initial malaise from booze doesn’t come from the alcohol at all, but more from the volume or something, idk.


For me a lot of it is about the ritual and initial sensation - especially with a cold, gassy, bottle of lager. I think my mind relaxes before the alcohol has even had time to hit.


I was impressed with the Small Beer lager. Worth a look if you’re passing a Majestic, although it’s a little pricey IMO.


Does anyone listen to/ have any recommendations for fitness related podcasts?


DAY 42:

Water and lemon

Savoury rice
Water and lemon

Chicken tikka breast
Water and lemon

Booze: None

Exercise: 30 mins brisk walk

Loss: 1lb
Total loss: 16lbs
Of target: 55%


These last few pounds are proving to be a real hard slog:

Monday 11 st 3
Tuesday 11 st 2
Wednesday 11 st 2
This morning 11 st 1.4

I’m being really good - I’ve only had one beer this week (on tuesday night after a nightmare marathon bedtime for Jimbo) and I haven’t had any treats. Hopefully a couple more days and I’ll make it.


That would be 3lbs a week, or 12lbs a month…


It’s been hovering around 11 st 2/3 for the last couple of weeks. I was hoping that by avoiding booze and pudding this week it might fall.


DAY 43:

Water and lemon

Golden rice
Water and lemon

Lime rice
Water and lemon

Chicken tikka breast
Water and lemon

Booze: None

Exercise: 60 mins brisk walk

Loss: 2lbs
Total loss: 18lbs
Of target: 62%


I’ve been hovering at about 202lbs for the past couple of weeks, been really good this past week and no change :frowning:

God knows how I’ll ever keep it up.


it’s really demotivating to not see the benefits when you’re trying especially hard to be good.

I know it’s all about long term changes (which is why I now eat celery instead of crisps with my lunch and an apple instead of a bar of chocolate in the afternoon), but I need to have some treats every now and then!


Yeah, trying to make sustainable changes is the thing. Long term substitutions and altering habits, not one off stunts or whatever. Really changed what I eat during the working day which I thought would have a big impact, but nothing yet. Will try and keep it up to the end of the week and reassess.


What do you eat after work?

I’ve found the biggest factor isn’t beer or exercise but carbs in the evening. Rice seems okay, but on days when i have, say, pasta or potatoes after lunch i’ll maintain weight and if i can avoid them i’ll see a small drop.