Fitness and health living accountability thread (rolling)


I haven’t really changed what I eat in the evenings, aside from pretty consistently cutting out pudding (I used to crave something sweet, but I found if I managed to leave it even 20 minutes, it would pass and I wasn’t fussed). A lot of it is carb heavy - pizza, rice, pasta, potatoes, but it’s what I know how to cook, and I’m cooking for two of us and don’t want to cook separate things or force her to change what she likes (my portion control is another issue though).

I know in a working day though I can easily polish off 1500 calories or more and regularly would (latte, triple sandwich, McCoys, bag of chocolate, assorted snacks), and now I’m on black coffee, small sushi, and a little treat. There’s a definite calorie drop, and I feel like it must have an impact eventually (because I’m not compensating for it elsewhere), I guess I’ll just have to see.


buy/use some scales! even just for the rice/pasta potatoes etc
You can generally eat as much veg as you like imo :man_shrugging:


This makes a HUGE difference


Still trying to avoid snacks at work. Still failing.


And today 11 st 1.6. FFS. This avoiding beer lark isn’t actually helping, so I’m not going to feel bad at all about having a beer or two over the weekend.


dropped my daily calories this week, upped my exercise, put on weight

thanks body


Was 200.1lb this morning. Point fucking one over! And now I’m sure any progress made this week will be destroyed by the weekend.

Hopefully in the long term having healthy weeks will start to rack up… And I might try and go for a run tomorrow for the first time in literally ages.


DAY 44:


Baby potatoes

Chicken tikka breasts
Mexican rice
Water and lemon


Booze: None

Exercise: 30 mins brisk walk

Loss: +1lb (late tea)
Total loss: 17lbs
Of target: 59%

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Carbs aren’t evil.


Got my weigh-in/photos tomorrow for a 3 month bootcamp style thing I’ve signed up for.
Think I’m going to die.


Didn’t say they were. I know my own body well enough to know that what KiK mentioned has helped me lose weight though.


That’s KiK?!?


Can’t you tell from his socks?


The photos have that sort of lovely grainy look KiK’s lunch pics used to have as well.


:smiley: did you not know…?



Explains why he’s a bit of a knob tho :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Been interesting to read through this. Huge respect for @ghostpony, @bugduv and @PocketMouse on the regular diaries and those others who’ve managed to motivate themselves via the thread :clap::clap::clap:

Slowly started to get myself back on the bandwagon of looking after myself better in the last couple of weeks. Changes so far:

  • Far less takeaway/junk food. Not cut it out entirely, but cooking and eating a lot more veg and less meet
  • More or less stopped snacking on chocolate/crisps, especially in the evenings. It’s taken me about three weeks to go through a multipack of 6 x packs of Squares and I think I’ve only bought softbake cookies from the supermarket once. Buying a bag of carrot sticks and dividing them into pots for workdays as snacks during the morning.
  • Signed up for the local cheap gym with Mrs Z; been 5 days out of the last 6 to do something; be it a class or just go for a short run (about 2 miles)
  • Got myself a Garmin Vivosmart 4 (basically a Fitbit, but Garmin branded) yesterday just to monitor general health & activity over time. Interesting to look at already.

Down 1.9kg in two and a half weeks. Not too worried about rushing it, but want to keep that trend going in general; I’m about 3.5 stone above the weight I was at when I ran regularly and it’d be nice to get within a few kg of that again eventually.


Been trying not to eat too much junk at work but the tedium of my job drives me to eating for the sake of it. Does anyone have any suggestions for alternatives to crisps? My current selection includes unsalted nuts and raisins (if they’re salted I’ll just smash the lot right away). Also I’ve discovered salt and vinegar snackajacks this week. It’s like the sensation of eating but nothing more. They’re unfeasably light and drenched in so much vinegar that they’re actually q nice which makes me suspicious that they’re actually bad for you in some way or another.


Take some kale, mix with a tiny bit of oil and some salt or paprika in a bowl to lightly coat it, spread on a baking tray and bake at 150 for about 10 minutes.

Also a bag of squares is just 99 calories!


Soya beans? Not uncalorific but high in protein.