Fitness and health living accountability thread (rolling)


Just had a browse at what they are. Looks deceptively straightforward although I’m sure my knees will have the final say in that.


I feel ya, holmes. Had horrible cold, then got shingles straight after. Decided to knock any exercise on the head for a few weeks. Just as I start to feel good (Sunday) I proceed to break my f**king toe whilst rushing around the house fixing my son’s lunch. Feel rubbish - didn’t realise what a difference exercising made to my general mood.


The Nike Training App! Really good. Use it all the time. You can filter by time, equipment, etc.



yes. i’ve been grouchy as fuck :frowning: even doing my first workout on sunday was a game changer for my mood


Hang on a second does this have to be used with some kind of wearable tech like an Apple Watch or a FitBit or whatever? Or can you just sling it on your phone and use it that way?


No, you only need the phone. It’s essentially a massive collection of workouts with instructional videos. You pick what you want to do and it guides you through each one with videos and a voice track thing (optional). It’s a bit like doing a class I suppose. I normally leave the phone propped up somewhere.


Ohhhh game changer.

This could be exactly what I’m looking for - thank you very much for the tip!


As annoying as he is, he knows what he’s doing


Awesome cheers. And I’m already well hedged to find every single one of these people deeply irksome so don’t worry.


I really like the Focus T25 workouts and I don’t find the dude annoying at all. I’ve done loads of Home workout videos and in my opinion this one is the best. 25 minute workouts, suitable for all fitness levels. What I really like is that in addition to it actually making a difference, I can feel myself getting better at each exercise. I do the Beachbody ondemand subscription but I think they do a 30 day trial.


Sounds great! Thanks - I’ll check it out for sure.


Day 72:

Tuna, rice, tea, cordial.

Butter beans, chilli, lime, tea, cordial.

Tuna, rice, tea, cordial.

Pears, rice pudding, green tea.

Booze: None

Exercise: 40 minutes brisk walk

The batteries on the scales have gone, so no running totals/pic until tomorrow.


Going to follow japes’ advice and try not weighing myself regularly. I’m enjoying not boozing and eating well most days (5-6 a week, on average), but i’ve started beating myself up a bit on cheat days and the slower progress can be a bit of a knock, and there are so many variables that can impact your weight day-to-day (honestly, a good fart can make a difference on the scales, or an extra spud for tea or too much fluid can see a small gain, etc).

Logging meals every day as well sort of becomes a chore after a while, bit like it would if you logged every record you listened to. Reckon the accountability’s really good as a kickstart but longterm might effect how much fun you have doing it and how much you properly adjust food and exercise-wise.


dis hivemind can surely invent something and take it to dragons den., but it’s a bowl.


this looks great, thanks. I was looking for something i can do in hotel rooms


I think there are apps that will do this already.


there is an app that can look at my plate of food and tell me how many calories is in it without the need to manually log every part of it?


Yes. As long as it’s a Big Mac.


I think apps are for phones not laptops mate